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Today is National Day of Reflection.

This ear marks the first anniversary of lockdown here in the UK, and give us all a chance to reflect upon the past year, the tragic loss of everyone and everything that we have lost, and to stand together with everyone who is grieving.

It has been one of the most challenging and difficult 12 months, and has touched all of our lives in some way.

There are early signs of the pandemic being past its peak now, and the light at the end of the tunnel for a return to more normal and brighter time is in sight.

Let’s come together and reflect on this tragic loss of life, show support for people who’ve been bereaved, and celebrate the lives of all those who we have lost.

We shall be lighting candles this evening in memory of those who have left us.

Drop a heart below (with a name if you like) for those close to you, in their memory.

The past year has also given us all a chance to put things in to perspective, and shone a big light on all of the things that we have previously taken for granted.

Things we can all do today.

🌷Take a minute to reflect on this past year.

🌷Check in or reach out to someone who has been particularly affected by the pandemic. This could be by sending a message, a card, flowers, or giving them a good ol fashioned phone call.

🌷Light a candle in memory of those we, or those close to you, have lost.

🌷Show your support to those who have worked tirelessly to drag us out of this pandemic.

🌷Plant a flower to symbolise hope for a brighter future.

🌷Draw or craft a flower and share it on social media or pop it in your window.

Tip- Daffodils & tulips are a symbol of spring, new beginning and hope, plus they're easy to draw too!

Tag/send us in any of your arts, crafts or planting to share that hope of new beginnings.

What Are You Most Grateful For?


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