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Chester Zoo have just received the news that they will be able to open safely from June the 15th!

Every kind donation & every share of support is really making a HUGE difference to their survival.

The fight isn’t over for them just yet. But, for now, this is a huge relief for them and it is all down to how much all of us as a community have contributed.

We know how to throw a tantrum eh?! The road to recovery for them will be long and very uncertain, but all of your incredibly kind donations, animal adoptions and memberships are giving them a vital lifeline.

Keep an eye out for their next steps and information on how the new version of the zoo will be. They still need us.

Let's keep supporting them through their next phase of battle.

Thank you for all of you who are helping to SAVE OUR ZOO.

What's your most favourite animal to visit when you visit @chesterzoo ?

We will keep the Virgin Money Giving page open which can be found in below, if you would normally visit but are unable to, use this as your ticket price. Or if you are unable to support in funds, please keep sharing, this helps them to get more visibility, which right new, they do still need ❤


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