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Fancy stopping by HQ this week for a little freshen up?

Then you're in luck as we can hook you up!

Due to a couple of little changes we have a few spots that have appeared, so if you are curious, take a peek below!

*Services listed are posibilities to choose from and are not including one another.


With Aimee

Time: 5pm

Services available:

🖤Cut & Finish

🖤Gents Cut & Finish


With Aimee


Service available:

🖤T-section balayage/hilights*

🖤Gent's Cut & Finish

With Edwin

Time: 6pm

Service available:

🖤Cut & Finish


With Aimee

Time: 3.30pm

Service available:

🖤Gent's Cut & Finish


🖤Under 12's dry cut

We also have a couple of slots available for either fringe trims or consultations, below are the days/times we have:

🖤Thursday - 11.45am, 7.45pm

🖤Friday - 4.30pm, 4.45pm

🖤Saturday - 2pm, 3.45pm

To book any of the above, or to see if we can bring one of your appointments forwards to any of these slots, give us a call on:

☎️01606 330 879 - We are open until 6pm this eve!

Or you can book cut & finish appointments by clicking on the link below:

HQ ✌

*You must have a valid colour patch test to have colour services with us at HQ.


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