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... a game that is not as fun as it sounds! Here at HQ, over this past week have had a huge amount of late cancellations, no shows and rescheduled appointments. A very small amount of these cancellations have been due to the dreaded word that we shall not mention, we obviously appreciate this to keep everyone safe. If this does happen, we would really appreciate a heads up as soon as you find out 🙏 If you feel you are too worried, stressed or anxious to attend your appointment, please let us know so we can talk you through our policies and protocols to help you feel at ease. It's not nice to carry those feelings, (trust us we know!) and if we can help your visit be a less stressful one, we will. However, if you need to cancel because of a diary clash please let us know with as much time as possible so that we can offer up your slot to others who are on our cancellation list and could be desperate for a Christmas chop! Life can be a tricky beast but please help us keep this Jenga tower standing strong! Thank you for supporting us in all that we do, and we hope you are all feeling healthy and in good spirits, Rae, Tom & The HQ Team x #AppointmentJenga #LastMinuteCancellations #SupportLocal #NorthwichHairdressers


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