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Apparently, but since we feel there is enough gloomyness, we thought we would talk Blue Jellyfish instead.

Here are some facts about this blue little alien creature!

🌊These are not true jelly fish - They are Siphonophore a colonial organism made up of zooids. Jellyfish are 95% water.

🌊They have no heart, brain, blood, or gills!

🌊These guys don’t swim, they float.

The Blue Button lives on the surface of the sea - they are free drifters. They have gaseous bodies which allow them to float on the surface and are propelled by wind and ocean currents.

🌊It has two main body parts - The Float is considered the main body. It is a golden brown color with a round and disc-like shape. The Hydroid Colony are the branches that extend out and look like tentacles. These appear in a bright blue, turquoise or yellow color. Each of the branches end in knobs of stinging cells called Nematocysts⚡

🌊They use their arms around their mouth to help sense and find food that ends up inside their mouth.

🌊Its mouth also releases its…waste.

Sounds pretty gross huh! Bet your glad you ain't them?

🌊They are both male & female.

Blue buttons are hermaphrodites which means they have both male and female sex organs, so they can actually reproduce on their own.

🌊They feed on zooplankton.

🌊They don’t all function the same way - This species is made of individual zooids that float together, and each of these species function differently. Some of those roles include the protector, reproducer and finding food/eating.

We hope you loved learning about this blue goo just as much as we love looking at it.

What's your favourite blue living thing?

Happy Blue Monday 💙

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House Of Quirk
House Of Quirk
18 jan. 2021

Aw we love a Hydrangea! So pretty!


18 jan. 2021

Can only think of a Hydrangea in my garden x

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