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HQ have proudly snipped through yet another year of hair, mischief, and full album Thursdays!

That's right, HQ is celebrating it's SIXTH year!

So make like Carlos and get those party hats on, STAT!

Our time has been a rather mixed bag over the years, but this HQ boat is still afloat, and ready for the next sailing adventure.

We would like to thank every single one of you for your continued, and massively valued support on our journey here so far in Northwich.

Being here continues to make us feel as fuzzy as that little owl's ears.. So thank you for enabling us to keep this mad little hair shack alive for these 6 colourful years.

To know that you are all behind us and the HQ team every step, makes it all worth the while.

Tom, Rae & The HQ Team x


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