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C O F F E E ⚫ M O R N I N G

Hey Quirk Stalkers!

Our Coffee Mornings have been keeping us that teenie bit sane along this daunting little walk through 2020, and we have loved connecting with you all, even if we do just sound like we end up rambling on at you.. Apologies, ..we don't get out much hahaa!

We have all been missing 'House Life' quite a bit, so we thought we would host these coffee mornings, just to say hello, check in on you all, give you updates, and see what's going on out there!

As we normally see you all on a regular basis, you feel like an extension of family to us, we miss you all, and our catch ups! Its not always just about hair 💛

..Although we are really missing those super shiny scissors right now..

We shall be hosting our virtual coffee mornings weekly, and will set them up as a facebook event, which will tell you when they are, what time (usually 11am as Tom likes a snooze!), and also will tell you how on earth you work out how tune in to our live.

Feel free to ask us any hair related (or non hair) questions, or use this an an opportunity to fess up to any hair disaster's that you may already be guilty of committing..!

Our next one shall be on Friday morning, at..... You guessed it.. 11am!

See you soon ☕


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