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As most of you guys are already aware, last week saw the devestation of a lot of our high streets independent businesses due to the flooding.

Although HQ is safe and dry, sadly a lot of our neighbours are not so lucky, and have been left with their hearts and souls in tatters. The flooding has destroyed all of that hard work they have put in over many years.

Due to the history of flooding here in Northwich, sadly no insurance covers the majority of us against this type of damage.

As you can only imagine, this is something that a lot of these businesses cannot afford to get through, especially after this past year of having a pandemic to wade through on top.

This is where we all need to hold out a helping hand, in any way that is possible for us, given that we are all having our own struggles too.

This help can be in any form.

It can be from raising awareness of what has happened by sharing the link below.

It can be by reaching out to the businesses directly, offering your skill set if you are in the business of shop fitting, decorating, electricals or plumbing etc at a discounted rate for them.

It could be financially, if you are in a position to donate to the Northwich Floods fundraising page below.

It could also be by playing a part in the below fundraiser. If you are an avid runner, jogger, swimmer, cyclists, or a walker, take a look below, could you help by getting people to sponser you on your daily exercise? Set yourself a fun challenge of 'x' to complete by the end of February? (More info on this can be found in the link below).

Any of the above would potentially help to keep our local independent businesses here, with us, where they rightly belong.

We know that there have been lots of individual funding pages set up which is amazing, but we feel that we need to ensure the support is for everyone in our community which is why we’re backing this page.


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