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What do we have here then?!

A good ole bargain basket, thats what!

We are discontinuing a couple of our product ranges/lines at HQ, so grab yourself a lil somethin' somethin' before its gone!

Everything in that basket is £5.

What do we have in the basket?

Windle London Oceanic salt spray - an all round natural salt spray, Creates a matte, undone, disheveled look. The spray is revitalising, moisturising, strengthening and re-mineralising.

Windle London Fortifying spray - The ultimate, multi-purpose thickening spray that gives body to all hair types and protects against heat damage. 

Windle London Foundation spray - a really nice lightweight porosity balancer & detangler for using after getting out of the shower before applying your usual products.

Windle London Essential oils elixir - a great pre shampoo treatment for nourishing dry, unruly, or curly hair textures.

Windle London Volcanic Ash Wax - Contains volcanic ash and three naturally derived waxes for a strong gritty, matte, textured, urban finish. Suitable for short, choppy haircuts.

Windle London Curl Cream - Designed with a unique enzyme to create definition and separation for the perfectly formed curl with effortless bounce. Smooths and protects against humidity to give a natural, glossy shine - also contains a uv filter!

Loreal Series Expert Volumetry Treatment Spray - lightweight volumising blowdry spray for fine hair types to create lasting volume - can also be used in place of contitioner.

Davines Love Curl Revitaliser Spray reactivates natural curls the next day, rich in proteins, vitamins B and E with an elasticizing and volumizing action. For all curl types.

Once its gone, its gone!


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