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Lets show this delightful little cherry heart some love!

Its all about the details... Using a teenie tiny brush, this mini piece of art was crafted very carefully!

We dont think Hannah breathed neither in or out during her designing application here! Welp, It was worth turning blue H!

This creativity was whipped up for Edwin's birthday weekend, and we think was executed with utter perfection, what do you think!?

Fledgling Responsible: Hannah


-Bleach & Tone

-Manic Panic Technical #1

Hannah & Tash are both on the look out for a hair colour model for bleach & tone work. - Full head platinum blonde or metallic blonde - (This is not foil work).

Please share this information with anyone who you think would be suitable.


Root application of pre-lightener (bleach). A toner will be included, which can be chosen by you on the day during the consultation.


Anyone who already has this service, OR those of you who have no colour in their hair at all. This is a MUST!

You will need to also have a root regrowth between 5-8weeks if you are already a global lightener client.

We are looking for anyone who is aged 16+ for insurance reasons.


Date to be arranged with yourself - but this is currently only available of a Wednesday morning. You must be available to pop in for a 15minute consultation and skin test prior to booking this slot.


This is with a Fledgling who is learning. There will be a fully qualified trainer involved in the process at all times. (Rae)


This will be a heavily discounted service of £30.

If you have any questions please give us a call on: ☎️ 01606 330 879

To have a chat with us to see whats possible, and if you are suitable, please give us a call and ask to book for a consultation with Hannah or Tash, this usually takes around 10/15mins and is completely free.


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