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Just like that.. 🎉THE HOUSE TURNS THREE🎉 Three! Where has that come from eh?!

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued and very valued support on our journey in Northwich so far! It has made us all squishy to know you are all aboard with us on this crazy hair fuelled train of madness. We cracked open the bubbles to get right in the mood, so if you were out and about I'm sure you came and enjoyed a glass of the good stuff with us (Not before hair obviously!). Yes, yes.. We did have cake. For those of you who were in having a hair do on our birthday weekend, we had a little game for you to play.. we asked you to get brushing up on those music trivia skills.. and there was a prize to be had. Any one who got their trivia question right got a FREE Cloud 9 magical drying potion. Some people were not so hot, where as others pulled vast knowledge from the corners of their mind and went home with the prize. Thank you Northwich, we are enjoying every moment of this tie dye splattered dream.



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