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Well well.. who do we have here? 😜

That's right folks, this week, Rae got to take a spin in the hot seat ready for her winter colour change...

Tash has worked some festive magic and created this ultra textured, crimson ember delight! (Well done Tash, you really had your work cut out for you here!)

A total refresh was in order after the summer sun had lightened up the midlength and ends quite heavily! As Rae has rather unruly textured hair, Tash worked with a range of different weaving techniques and added depth amongst that jungle to make sure those waves and curls 'popped'!

Fledgling Responsible: Tash


Half Head Bespoke Foils: £72

Full Head Semi Permanent: £37

Double Toner: £34

Did You Know? The colour 'Crimson' symbolizes danger, vigor, passion, excitement, love, affection, and even courage?!

If you're fancying the idea of playing around and using crimson in your hair colour in some way, consider looking to victorian colours like a deep bronzed brunette, maroons, or rose golds like Rae has above for a vintage feel. For a more modern take on it, you could even combine crimson with soft baby pinks or with neutrals like sandy, toffee or champage blondes.

Lets chat about it! Book in for a free 15minute consultation with one of our Quirker's to see how we can change things up for you & your bonce!

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