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Here at House of Quirk we love a competition and the season is upon us!

Competitions are a great way to outburst our creativity and help us climb out of that box for some unorthodox thinking.

There are a few competitions that you can enter as a keen hairstylist, all with different focal points. On this occasion we have decided to enter the NHF Photographic Image Awards. When I say we, I mean Rae, Tom, Aimee and Izzy

Izz had a separate category, to create a red carpet look full of glamour while the rest had to create an image suitable for a hair magazine. We were all responsible to style our models in terms of hair and clothes, think when you used to dress up your barbie but in real life (and using better scissors).

All the pics were taken by our very own Tom and have now been submitted. Unfortunately we are not allowed to post the pictures until the finalists have been announced but the second we can I will pop them up for you and let you know what happened!

Until then, hang tight. I know you can hardly wait but you'll have to.........tough luck.


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