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Its September?!

Can you actually believe it?! We cant...

And since the sun has only just really arrived... We couldnt resist this last piece of summeryness.

So, for this months offerings, we bring to you....

🥂 The Hugo Spritz 🥂

Pronounced Oo-go, this indulgent treat will whisk you away to the Italian mountains for a little refreshing moment.

(Just close you eyes and pretend!)

What does this Italian number consist of?

🌞Elderflower Cordial


🌞A zesty slice of lime, for fancyness

The Hugo Spritz is believed to have been created in 2005 by Roland Gruber, a bartender in a northern Italian province called South Tyrol in the heart of the Dolomite Mountains. Hugo is also the name of a boutique hotel in Florence, and this drink is often used to welcome travelers as they arrive after a long day of hiking, which might be where this beverage gets its name.

So let us welcome you in with this sparkly indulgence, whilst we play with your hair and make you feel good!

Who's visiting us this month? 👀

Not booked in?

Check out our availability below by the method of your choosing:

☎️01606 330 879

Did you know that the Hugo is an alternative to the more-common Aperol Spritz? 👀

Which do you prefer?

This beverage is both vegan & gluten free, as standard.



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