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New month, fruity new limited edition offerings...

Now serving throughout the whole of March....

🌻🍇 The Razz-Breeze 🍇🌻

A zingy, fruity, and oh-so refreshing little number, in celebration of it being the beginning of Spring in a couple of weeks!

Available at your next appointment before April.

Not booked in? Check out our availability by clicking on the link below: 😛


🍇A home-made raspberry syrup

🌻Chilled sparkling spring water

Tid Bit:

Our syrup has been brewed from our in house kitchen pixie, Rae!

What Flavours To Expect:

Think of a scent you get from a freshly made raspberry jam, its pretty much the liquid form of this, and as we have topped it off with a refreshing dash of sparkling spring water, it really does taste of brighter days ahead!

Did You Know:

A single raspberry is made of many little fruits, (or drupelets) that are clustered together to form a raspberry!

The average raspberry has about 100 drupelets, each with its own seed. There are also over 200 different varieties of raspberries, all containaing 21% of your daily value of fibre!

There you go.

Come and get one whilst theyre here!


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