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New month, fresh new limited edition offerings...

Now serving throughout the whole of August.....

🧨🥀 The Spiced Rose Fizz 🥀🧨

A delicate floral number in celebration of it being the month of 'Northwich In Bloom', with a rather warming spicy twist!

Available at your next appointment before September..

Not booked in? Check out our availability by clicking on the link below! 😛


A home brewed rose syrup

Chilled sparkling water

A shot of ginger concentrate

Spruced up with a hibiscus petal!

Tid Bit:

Our syrup has been brewed from our in house sorcerer, Rae!

What Flavours To Expect:

Think of the rose flavoured turkish delight, its pretty much the liquid form, but with  warming gingery following!


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