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We've heard Febuary is the month of love.. So.. we kinda had to throw this little passionate number together didnt we.

Whether it be aimed at loved ones, ourselves, bezzie mates, or the cat.. make sure you show some love this month..

..Start with trying out this months offerings!

The Chai Passion Soothie

Available, at your next appointment throughout this entire month of February.

Dont fret if you aint stopping by for your hair this month, as this little specialty is also available 'to go' on our take out menu, which comes in a totally compostable cup with lid - 瞿3

Not booked in? Check out our availability by clicking on the link below:


均A fragrant chai syrup

刀ango & Passionfruit concentrate

均Twirled around with hot water to create a fruitilicious heart warming soothie

歹Dressed with a dash of pink food colouring for

This beverage is both gluten free and vegan as standard.

Cold hearted? - We do have a cold version available upon request!

What Flavours To Expect:

This is actually a hard one to pin down! Top notes are passionfruit, well balanced on the sweet to tart ratio, followed by the chai slapping you with a big french smootch!

What more could you ask for really?!

What is a soothie!?

A soother of the senses! Its a heart warming, deliciously fruity hot drink.

See you shortly!

Tid Bit: We dont want to call it a hot smoothie.. 丐


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