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Our third, yes third!! specialty of the year is now being served!

🍀The Lucky Latte🍀

Our toasty latte, laced with a hearty pistachio syrup!

Available from right now, at your next appointment throughout this season transitional month of March..

Dont fret if you aint stopping by for your hair this month, as this little specialty is also available 'to go' on our take out menu, which comes in a totally compostable cup with lid - £3

Not booked in? Check out our availability by clicking on the link below:


🍀A mildly sweet pistachio syrup

🍀The House latte

🍀Dressed up with a sprinkling of brown sugar

🍀A Dash of natural green colouring

This beverage is gluten free as standard, and we can whip up a decaf version upon request!

What Flavours To Expect:

Cozy flavors of sweet pistachio and a brown-buttery topping paired with espresso and steamed milk, specially crafted to keep you comforted throghout this Spring transition!

Taste: a warm, sweet richness with a toasted, nutty edge.   

As the pistachio is naturally green, we thought we'd stay true to this, by adding a dash of a natural green food colouring.. Paddy's day is around the corner! 🧚‍♂️🍀

Why have we named it 'Lucky' ?!

Well, prior to harvest, the seed of the pistachio, which is the “nut” part we eat, grows in its protective shell inside the fruit to the point where it bursts through and splits the shell with a loud crack. 

It is said that if you are sitting under a pistachio tree and hear this sound, it’s good luck 🍀

Tid Bit:

Pistachios are one of the most popular nuts eaten around the world. They are also one of the oldest cultivated nuts in history.

Pistachios are the seed of a small, plum-like fruit, or drupe, that grows in bunches like grapes. As the fruit ripens, it changes from hard and smooth and green, to soft and yellow/red. Eventually, the skin becomes wrinkled and softer, and this is usually when the pistachio is harvested.


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