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Its that time again! A fresh, juicy new month calls for an equally juicy beverage...

The Sun Bungee Tonic

Keeping things sweet, but oh so healthy with this Fiery Golden Mango Tonic.

So what is this sunkissed nectar you are feasting your eyes upon?

The Ingredients:

🔆Freshly brewed chamomile tea

🔆Fresh & spicy ginger

🔆Sweet mango & orange juice

🔆Lemon juice


🔆A hint of maple syrup

🔆A dash of apple cider vinegar

🔆A teenie tiny dusting of cayenne pepper

🔆Sparkling water

🔆A wedge of orange to pretty it up!

🧨This is a sun worshipping mocktail, but for those who prefer to balance out those health scales with a lil sum' sumn', ask us to dirty it up with a single shot of tequila for a little extra kick!

This fiery tonic is deliciously punchy, and guaranteed to give our immune system's a turbo charge, something we could all use right about now!

As you can tell from the ingredients above, and the vibrant colour, this fun tonic is packed with vitamin C and plenty of antioxidants, which makes it perfect for warding off any oncoming signs of sickness, and for keeping our immune systems strong. YESHH, PUR-LEASE.

As for the optional tequila? Well, life is all about balance… So do what works best for you.

The Flavour:

We know this drink may sound to be a little too healthy tasting, but dont be fooled! The mango works really well with the turmeric & ginger, as its subtle sweetness softens out the heat from the cayenne, creating just the right about of pow ...even for the faint 🌶 hearted amongst us!

Tid Bit on the name:

Back in the day, Tom spent 6months in Florida, and wrote a song whilst he was there! At the time, you could only stay for a maximum of 3months before having to return to the UK.. and this song is esentially about Tom going backwards and forwards to Florida - hence the term 'sun bungee'!

..To give you a juicy morsel here about Tom, he actually got banned from The United States Of America for 5 whole years.. We'll let him fill in the details when we see you at your next visit! Haha!

Tid bit Chamomile:

Chamomile is praised for being effective against hair loss. It's true that with all its positive anti-inflammatory effects on the scalp, it supports healthy hair growth, whilst clearing out some issues that are responsible for hair fall.

Chamomile tea comes from the daisy like flowers of the plant family 'Asteraceae', which also includes flowers such as sunflowers and marigolds. Chamomile is made using an infusion of the flower petals, and hot water. It is naturally caffeine-free, lending to its common use at bedtime!

Available from now throughout May!

This trest is Vegan, Caffeine, Gluten & Alcohol Free*


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