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TO ANYONE WHO CAN HELP! As many of our Stalkers out there who have been following us for a while now will know, every Easter we like to support the Northwich Easter egg appeal. This year it is being hosted by Northwich Community Support. Are you new to us? Or maybe just don't know what we are rabbiting on about? (See what we did there..?!) 🐰 Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to be the Easter Bunny? 🥕 Well, here's your chance! Until Saturday 26th of March we will be a drop off point for chocolate Easter egg donations for local charity, Northwich Community Support. Once all of the donations have been dropped off, the wonderful humans over at Northwich community support will be handing them out the to local children of Northwich (and surrounding areas if any surplus). They are currently just at the half way point on their egg target of 1000 👏 Lets see if together we can help them hit it! To any of you who who would like to get involved, all you need to do is to bring by an easter egg, or two, or three, and drop it off right here at the House before 4pm on Saturday the 27th March (2weeks away from now). We have listed our opening times below for those of you who aren't familiar with them to help you figure out what times suit you! - Any egg donations at all really would make a  huge difference to the little ones this Easter, and would be very much appreciated! Thankyou! Team HQ 🐰 Drop Off Times: Tuesday: 9am-6pm Wednesday: 9am-6pm Thursday: 10am-8pm Friday: 9am-6pm Saturday: 8.30am-4pm We shall be dropping the eggs off at NCS's Winnington hub on Sunday 27th of March ready for their distribution prep before the half term holidays. If anyone spot's any good easter egg deals around the town, please share them below in the comments for us all to see 🖤


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