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Ever imagined what it would feel like to be the Easter Bunny? Here's your chance!

Until this coming Saturday, we are a collection point for chocolate Easter egg donations for local charity, 'Northwich Community Support'.

We will then be dropping them off on Saturday when we finish up here ready for the weekend for them to begin distribution.

All donations will be handed out to the school children of Northwich (and surrounding areas), to ensure that the Easter Bunny manages to visit everyone in our town.

To anybody who would like to get involved, all you need to do is to grab an easter egg or two during your food shop, and drop it with us at your appointment, or if you are passing, this week!

For those who would like to drop off your eggs directly to Northwich Community Support, they are next door to the 'SureStore' (near Pets At Home in town), Just get in touch with them to arrange when someone will be there for you to drop them off.

Northwich Community support have a target of hitting 1000 chocolate eggs!!! So it really would make a huge difference if we could all help them on this quest, and would be very much appreciated!

Tip: Asda currently have eggs from £1.25p. If anyone see's any bargains or offers, please share them below for us all to see!

Thankyou! Team HQ 🐰


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