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So, the Quirkers, in true Quirk style, got themselves right into the Easter spirit and crafted up some eggs-pecially egg-citing creations..

We needed to know who your favourite egg was, and after a weekend of you guys voting, across facebook, instagram, as well as in-person voting on Friday, we have a winner!!!!!

By a humongous land slide, HANNAH won the Easter trophy, with 'Eggstra Terrestrial' and left the redt of us all fried up with envy.

Let's give her a round of applause for cracking the competition and egg-cellent creativity!

👏🏻 Well Done Hannah!

Now, we shall reveal to you the faces behind these eclectic little chuckies, in order of their win:

🐣Eggstra-Terrestrial: Hannah

🐣Eggs-Terminate: Andy (aka The Moth)

🐣Eyes Off Me Eggs: Rae

🐣Sponge Boiled Square Pants: Edwin

🐣Piyolkchio: Tom (joint 5th)

🐣Hillibilly Man: Tash (joint 5th)

🐣Free (Willy) Range Eggs: Aimee

🐣Egg + Shoulders: Mischa

🐣Freggy Kruger: Bobbi

Thank you for all of your poached deliberations & eggs-traordinary votes over the weekend Stalkers! We love how you crack us up with your egg-cellent sense of humor and how you always scramble to entertain our Shenanigans!


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