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Fall In LOVE..

With your hair of course!

We know it's not always easy, battling with those locks, sometimes for over an hour to make them look, somewhat mediocre at best, but with the right education and tools, we at HQ can definitely make that battle at least worth while fighting through.

Don't throw in that towel just yet!

If frizz, or unruly hair is your card, then let us deal the hand!

Most people are under the impression that only thick, coarse hair struggles with that big old beast that is FRIZZ. When in actual fact, any hair type can suffer with frizz, from those of you with fine, limp tresses, right through to those of you who bare a tremendously thick mane.

Frizz is always a joy, isn't it?

It loves to show up to parties, come along on holiday with you to enjoy a cocktail, play gooseberry at the cinema..

Arghh. Oh, sorry, we got lost in our frizz for a second there.

We think most of us get the picture, so how can we help you? Educate you on the why, and s(m)ooth you with the how. (See what we did there!).


Frizz. Before we delve into what can make your hair appear all frizzy, it’s important to know what the underlying cause is.

Frizz occurs due to a lack of moisture within the hair. This causes the hair to search for moisture from the air, which is why humidity often makes matters worse..

We’re all familiar with the Monica from Friends moment, right?

In addition to genetics, the weather, and the hair’s lack of moisture, there are a number of reasons to consider that can leave our hair more vulnerable to frizz, but if you zoom in on a frizzy strand of hair, the main culprit is always the same - a raised cuticle layer.

Lets’s Go:

It’s no secret that harsh, sulphate containing shampoos can mess with your hair’s natural makeup, resulting in dry, dull, frizzy hair.

Be mindful that all shampoos are not created equally. It’s very possible that your choice of poison is further drying your hair.

Regularity Of Hair Washing.

Instead of shampooing hair every day, try to stick to a schedule of two to three times per week, depending on your hair type. Your Quirker can help to advise what is best for you. Incorporate the correct shampoo or conditioner to help further combat with the type of frizzy hair yours battling with. The extra moisture/protein can help to seal each hair strand’s cuticle, making the hair less susceptible to frizzing up on that next trip out to… show of those tresses to anyone that will look! Helloooo, anyone…

Water Temperature

Lets talk shower temp.. who's guilty of being a lobster?

Lets talk water temp - Who here is guilty of being a lobster? Extra hot water may feel cosy & relaxing during your shower, but it’s definitely NOT doing your hair (or your skin) any favours.

Did you know that scalding hot water can STRIP your hair of the natural oils that keep it moisturised and shiny? Not only this, but this will allow your hair colour to escape down the drain too.

Since you know know that a lack of moisture in your hair can cause frizz, it’s good to avoid anything that can remove all of those precious oils that your hair so desperately needs to not become brittle.

Turn down the water temperature to lukewarm, and save some water for the fishes! Stick to a shorter shower with mild-temperature water. Your hair will thank you later. We use an egg timer at home! It is a pig.

Towel Drying:

Wrapping your hair up into an abrasive bath towel can draw moisture out of your hair quickly, sure, but this WILL lead to frizz and potential knotting. For those of you with curly hair, this friction can also make for an interesting curl shaping = not flowing curls/coils.

Try switching to a micro-fibre towel to dry your hair with, and squeeze/blot the hair rather than rubbing / brutally attacking those locks. This can help with frizz control and reduce hair damage caused by barbaric towel drying methods. Grab yourself a silk scrunchy and pop your hair up in to a ponytail or loose braid for when you are ready to dry / style it at a later time.

Damaged Ends / Split Ends:

Got brittle or split ends? DAMAGED hair is another way to experience frizz.

Bonus - The longer those split ends hang around, the higher the chance of that hair damage climbing up your hair strands and wreaking further havoc = More hair needing to be cut off by your Quirker at your next appointment!

Be sure to have REGULAR haircuts, roughly every 4-6 weeks for those of you with shorter hair, and 6-8 weeks for the rest of you, to keep your hair looking and feeling its best.

Having a good hair product routine is key for preventing those end’s getting in a tizz. Speak to your Quirker for what is best for your hair type / needs.

Daily Use Of Heat Tools:

We hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but daily heat to your hair can strip the hair of it's natural moisture too, which as you know by now, leads to frizz! Not to mention, hammering the tools can cause damaged hair, which is a NO-NO.

Whether you are using a hair dryer, curling wand, or the irons, you’re best to banish these hair tools from your hair styling go-to, and either save them for when you are going ‘out-out’ , or at the very least, keep the use of them to a minimum.

If you must use these, be sure to apply a HEAT PROTECTOR to your hair first, before using the hair dryer, and use them at the LOWEST temperature setting for your hair type.

As a general rule, you should be at around 165-180 max, (the lesser temp for fine hair textures) unless you have super coarse unruly hair, or textured hair, you guys can go between 190-200. Ask your Quirker if you are unsure of what temperature you should be using.

Hotter isn’t faster. From speaking to quite a lot of you guys over the years, most of you end up going over that same piece of hair way more than once, so it takes you the same amount of time as it would do if you were on a lower temperature, but actually way more damaging. Food for thought.

Below we have got a range of products from our LOVE's over at Davines that we have taken the time to go in to detail with you.

The who, the how, and the why, so that your next great battle with your hair, is a little more than a tete-a-tete, and blossoming your love for it once more.

We have chosen this range because it is powered by olive extract, from slow food presidia, and jam packed with hair loving fatty acids & vitamins which are essential to control and smooth frizzy hair types and create softness & nourishment.


This shampoo is for frizzy or unruly hair. The Formula is a very gentle, soft and creamy foam cleanser, designed to gently cleanse frizzy hair, making it smooth, and lightweight.

Tip: Leaving your first shampoo on for 3-5mins will give a deeper cleanse.

Who: Any hair type, including fine/limp hair.

How to use: Apply a small amount, lather up, rinse and repeat.

Cost: £18.00


This ain't just any old soap... This is soap, but for your hair! This shampoo bar develops in to a rich creamy foam during application to give softness, shine and silky texture, with a feather light feeling.

We have been searching high and low for the perfect balance between having a bottle free shampoo, but without the sacrifice of containing sulphates with us being big on hair colour, and boi, we have just struck gold. Using these beauties are a win, win, situation.

Bonus: There is no transition period with this brand. Teams up great with any of the conditioner's from this range.

Who: Any hair type, including fine/ limp / curly / wavy hair.

How to use: Simply wet the shampoo bar with water, rub it between your hands to create a lather, pop your bar down, then apply the lather to your wet hair. Rinse thoroughly, and repeat if necessary.

The sensation may be a little different compared to what you feel with traditional liquid shampoos, but the foam is still rich and soft. We advise to follow up with a conditioner, if desired.

Cost: £14.00


Does what is say’s on the tin! This conditioner is great for banishing frizz, leaving the hair smooth, silky, and ready to party. It works by restoring the hairs elasticity, which is also great for finer hair textures, and on curly hair.

Who - Anyone hair type, including wavy/curly.

How to use: Apply a small amount of conditioner to your lengths & ends, comb through(we recommend our wet brush for extra care) and leave on for 5-10mins. Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly.

Cost: £20


This little wonderous bottle of joy is a leave-in cream, which smoothes out frizzy, unruly, or wavy hair. It moisturises without leaving any residues or weighing the hair down, which is music to the ears of those of you with finer/limp hair types! It is a great detangling cream too, so no more tears.

Tip: For those of you with very fine hair that don't like using conditioner, we recommend using this in place of conditioner during the week, and then using either our Davines DEDE or NOU NOU conditioner at the weekend - Ask your Quirker which would be more beneficial for your hair type.

Who: Any hair type, including wavy/curly hair.

How to use: Apply an amount recommended to you by your Quirker to towel dried hair, do not rinse off! You can either leave the hair to dry naturally and address later, or you can style as you wish.

This is not a styling product but will give your hair a smoother finish if not used with anything else.

Cost: £22.50


This beauty, is love for all curl folk. Rae has searched high and low for the perfect cleanser for curls, and this, is pretty up there. The curl cleanser isn’t the same as a shampoo. Yup, you read right. Think of it as a conditioning wash. The perfect co-washing product.

Who: Curly / wavy / textured hair.

How to use: Apply a generous amount of product to wet hair and gently massage it in - no scrubby scrub. Leave on for 5mins, then rinse. There is no need for conditioner with this one., but you can apply one to the ends if your tresses feel they need it on the ends - we recommend the LOVE SMOOTH conditioner if you feel the need to.

We recommend every third shampoo, to alternate using the LOVE SMOOTH shampoo / shampoo bar and conditioner to help prevent build up / curls becoming limp.

Cost: £28.50


This is a leave-in cream to helps to moisturise & define those curls. This is designed for ALL wavy or curl types that want better definition … so all of you, right?!

This works in an invisible way, so it does not weigh the hair down or leave a residue, but leaves the hair soft & shiny looking, magic.

Who: Curly / wavy / textured hair.

How to use: Apply an amount recommended to you by your Quirker to towel dried hair after conditioning, Do not rinse out!

Cost: £21.00


We think this is the dark horse of the range you know! It is an elasticising and revitalising spray for those of you with wavy / curly hair / textured hair. It boosts the vitality and elasticity of curls between shampoos / conditioner cleanses, and controls the frizz effect.

It is rich in proteins, which are key for optimum curls, vitamins B & E, with an elasticising and volume action (not poofy though, you know the one).

Who: Curly / wavy / textured hair.

How to use: Apply to dry hair by spritzing from a distance of 10-20cm and do not rinse out!

Cost: £21


We hope we gave you some things to take away from this blog of ours, and let us know below if you found out something you that didn’t know!

While adopting the methods we mentioned earlier on may help control your frizz issues, nobody is immune to bad hair days of course.

On days where humidity levels are higher than high, throw your hair into a playful twist or braid to help reduce wind and weather-related frizz before heading outdoors to that cute picnic with your mates.. Or come see Tash for one of her famous style bar appointments.

Already tried our Davines LOVE range? Whilst we very much doubt it will let you down through trialling, testing and playing with it ourselves at HQ, We know there are a very small few of you who may still slip through that frizzy hair net, and have the on off fight with your hair even when following all go the above. For you - it may be time to bring in the bigger guns - Ask us about our Kerastraight service.

Slow Food Presidia - For Those That Wondered.

To help rescue plant species that are at risk of extinction, every essential hair care product from Davines contains an active ingredient from an Italian 'slow food presidium'.

These are small traditional native crops, that are being carried on by courageous farmers in crazy, some dangerous, climates and eco-systems

The Olive used in this product is called the Minute Olive, and comes from a village called Ficarra, in Scicilia. The Farmer who grows them is called Mr. Carmelo Messina.

Davines intends to help prevent the disappearance of these threatened heritages of genetic varieties that is essential to life on our planet.

They have worked with Fondazione Slow Food per la Biodeversita Onlus since 2014, by supporting it's slow food presidia, projects that involve producers from all over the world, in order to protect traditional local farming practices that risk extinction, promote specific territories, and rekindle historical professions & processing techniques.

For Millenia, olive farming in Vercilia, and in particular on the plain surrounding Querceto, has been a factor of paramount importance in shaping both the economy and the landscape.

The shampoo range we stock is classed as their essential range, and is formulated using active ingredients from 9 Italian slow food presidia, including the Salina Caper, Paceco Cartucciaru Melon, Torre Guaceto Fiaschetto tomato and the Noto Almond.

Take a look at their packaging next time you are in, each label tells you exactly which ingredient is a supported by this project, and the farmer who grew it!


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