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In celebration of busting back out the 'proper' cups, we thought we would spoil you guys and bring back out our full drinks menu!

Anything from a classic brew, right down to the fancy gear, we will have that quench of yours tended to!

Dont forget to keep those peepers peeled for our famous drink of the month, it's coming super soon..

Any guesses as to what it may be for October❓

*We also carry a nut based milk for those avoiding dairy, suited for both our tea and a flat white option ☕


HQ also are open for take out hot drinks? Yup. We always have done, but so many of you have been surprised when we have mentioned this little fact!

We use compostable coffee cups & lids, so no further harm is caused to the planet from grabbing a drink to go from us 🌏💚

This is available to anyone during opening house, not just if you have an appointment. Now you literally have any excuse to stop by and say hi!


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