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We have an exciting collab here at HQ!

For the next few weeks, we have created a little nest in the House for a very fun & local, business, Shrubbery Twist!

Shubbery Twist is a sustainable floristy artist, who creates dried flower crowns & fresh wreaths, and are based right here in Cheshire.

What are these delightful little pretties?

These delightful pops of colour are naturally dried, non-dyed flower crowns / headbands!

Why dried flowers though? Let us tell you!

Not only do dried flowers keep way longer when compared to their fresh wilting brothers and sisters, dried flowers can give you the option of choosing flowers that aren't currently in season! Making these the more sustainable option 🌍🐝

Other bonuses include:

🌼Not being chases by bee's

🌸Its an ever-lasting flower crown

🌼You can purchase for an event ahead of time as the flowers wont spoil

We are displaying x2 of Shubbery Twist's most popular design, the 'Elmer' headband, which are always a random mix of flowers & colours, meaning no two headbands are the same.

These particular ones are priced at £35 each.

These can be made to order, and can aldo be personalised / bespokely made, to which prices start from £35.

To request a commission, or a crown that we dont have, just get in touch directly with Rebecca and get that crown of your dreams created!

You can best stalk her through her social media business pages, which can be found on Facebook and Instagram, as 'Shrubbery Twist', but you can also contact her through either:

Phone Call: 07968862221

Currently, lead times for orders are 1-2 weeks, and our little shrub can also post directly to you for £4.

We have a sneaky pic thrown in of the beautiful Shubbery Twist herself below, in a bespoke bridal crown which is an absolute fairy fantasy delight, wouldnt you agree?!


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