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Its rather rediculous just how quickly these weeks have been going by. We are finally starting to feel like we are able to see the end of our backlog! We hope that those of you who have managed to visit us at the House so far have found everything to be safe, stress free, relaxing and more seriously, fun! With it being such an odd time for everyone currently, your support of the team here at HQ has been absolutely amazing. We have been feeling the pressure just as much as you guys, and every little eyebrow raise and cheery eye dance that you give to us once you have been pruned has really has filled our heart meters. Thank you so much for waiting it out and coming back in to see us at the House. Newbies, and to all of our hardcore fans, you are all very much appreciated and it means the world to us that you have continued to stick with us. We shall be back for round 5 next week! 🌶️ In the mean time, if you do need to grab our attention, you can reach us by email or you can message us through our social media and we will respond on Monday. If you would like to book a haircut appointment we do have our online booking service available 24/7 here: Newbies: Our stylists Edwin & Aimee are now able to take on new clients! If you have any questions, do get in touch! Happy Weekend Stalkers!


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