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We would like to reveal to you our latest play mate to enter the House.....


Mischa has joined us on our fledgling programme, which is a full apprenticeship with us here at HQ. Our training programme is quite lengthy, and at times down right tricky, but its always fun, and we think this one has what it takes to go for irlt full force!

Want some inside knowledge on this one?

Well! We managed to get some juice, lets delve!

Favourite Meal: A chicken burger, with all the gear, + mayo as the sauce!

Favorite Colour: Barbie Pink - It makes Mischa feel happy 🎀

Proudest Moment To Date: Getting through her gcse exams. Mischa was very pleased and proud of her result after all the hard with she put in! Well Done!

Pets: Mischa has a rather hyper working cocker spaniel at home called Jet!

We've Gone Back In Time: Mischa chose to go back to when the Beatles were in the peak of their game - If she could choose, she would be spending the Day as Sir Paul Mcartney. Why? After seeimg him being interviewed on James Corden's 'Carpool Kareoke' she felt he seemed a very chilled, humble, friendly, easy breezy kind of cat.

Favourite Beatles Song - 'Drive My Car'. You may be picking up on Mischa's fondness here of the Beatles! Both her Dad & Grandad love them and Mischa has grown up on their music!

Does Mischa Play An Instrument? Nope! In primary school she had the trombone forced upon her for 2yrs, but it didnt stick! If she was to pick, she feels the piano would be cool.

TV Favourite: we have an avid real crime docuentary watcher here Stalker's. Her top recommendations are 'Night Stalker' & 'John Wayne Casey Tapes' of which you can fidn on Netflix.

Beverage's Of Choice: Coca Cola - Cold, & bubbly fresh, just how it wad made to be drank. Hot drink wise, Mischa is a milky tea, one sugar kinda gal!

An Interesting Fact: Mischa LOVES fishing 🎣 This was something that Mischa had shared with her grandad since she was 3yrs old. Sadly since he passed a few years back, Mischa hasnt felt it has been the right time to pick this hobby back up, but one day will get back out there.

Favourite Zoo Animal: The giraffe - They are beautiful & super calming to watch - We agree!

Chosen Super Power - The power of invisibility. She would use fly on the wall style 👀

Phobia: Clowns - Lets paint the scene: The year is 2016 + its Halloween night - A friend knocks on the door unannounced, and it freaked Mischa the hell out! Ever since then she cannot handle those shoes and red snout! (We've promised that nobody will dress as a clown later on this month.. 🤡)

Mischa's Perfect Day: Mischa would start her day with a snuggly lay in, followed by her mums coissants for breakfast. These puppies are spread with nutella, and are filled with slices banana + strawberries. Next up, she would enjoy a relaxing bath, with mega bubbles courtesy of Lush's Snow Fairy. Then Mischa would float in to her bed, and eat her favourite order of chinese for the remainder of the day. We had to ask her what she would order, so here it is: Shredded chilli beef, with egg fried rice, sometimes if she's feeling a little extra, she goes wild and thows in an order of salt + pepper ribs.

Mischa is super excited to meet you all, and will probably hunt you down for a natter when you next stop by!

Welcome Aboard Mischa!


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