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Well HQ Stalkers, another year of uncertainty has been survived, by all of us, not just team HQ.

We are wishing that 2022 brings more stability, fulfilment, positivity, joyfullness and good health to us all.

Thankyou to all of you that have helped to see us through another year. For your kind words, your uplifting cards, your patience, your understanding, your supportive words, the lovely treats & gifts for us and the team and most importantly, your continued support of all of us here at HQ.

Social media stalkers, we see you! We are so happy that you still continue to follow and interact! (Even if we do harp on about skin testing every blinking day). Every single reaction, like, share, comment, photo tag, review of your visit, recommendation rating, scroll back on a story, click and snoop.... All of this makes our happy feet tap. We can't thank you enough for being there, helping our musical spider web flourish bigger and better.

To all the hair stylists, barbers, nail techs, local businesses (and not so local!) out there who have reached out, not only for help, but also to help us, thankyou. Let's raise a glass to how far we have come and to all the future may hold.

Last, and of course, certainly not least, to the most important of all, the centre of the solar system, the HQ team. We can't put down in words how lucky we are to have you as our clan. We are very proud of each of you and how far you have come this year. How you have all continued to pull together and see it through, even when it's gotten a little too much. You kept those heads on tight (even if we had to use a little celotape and a stapler here and there!). You have managed to keep us going and for that we are very grateful. Well done to you all, a choccy or two is well deserved. Next stop.... Who knows? But it will definitely still be fuelled by fun and rediculousness.. Wonder who will get that lemon award next...

Without all of you who are reading this soppy mess of a post, we may not have made it through another year of HQ, and for that we are forever humbled.

Now, less of that. 2022 is here, let's turn up the cheer, pump up the volume, and smash it sideways yeh?!

Sending New Year love, health and sillyness to all of you ✨

What cheeky treat will you see the back end of this year with?

Rae & Tom x

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Susan Gallimore
Susan Gallimore
Jan 01, 2022

Lovely post Tom and Rae. Wishing you more stability in 2022. Its always a treat to visit the house. See you soon and a big fat Happy New Year to you both xx

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