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Pssst. Stalkers. It's Thursday!

Tonight's chosen album was released waaay back in 1971, but do not let that stop you investing more of your time! Sit down and continue!

This iconic singer songwriter was born in Brooklyn & moved to Los Angeles as a teenager to escape his family's poor financial situation. While working at a bank, he grew interested in musical composition and close-harmony singing, and was successful in having some of his songs recorded by various artists such as the Monkees for $5 a pop.

This guy is gifted with a 3-octave vocal range which is a super power. This caught the ear of Beatles’ publicist Derek Taylor who introduced his music to the band. By 1968, John Lennon & Paul McCartney were citing him as one of their favorite American artists. They considered him as the American Beatle, and was also John Lennon's drinking buddy during his year-long "Lost Weekend". In response to Lennon's 1980 murder, he took a hiatus from the music industry to campaign for gun control.

Tonight's album choice was the 7th produced by our artist. It was his most commercially successful, producing 3 of his best-known songs.The album performed well at the 1973 Grammy Awards, earning a nomination for Album of the Year, while one of the tracks won the Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.

Another fact - He is one of the few recording artists to achieve significant commercial success without ever performing major public concerts or regular tours!

If you haven't already guessed, our ears will be graced tonight by Mr Harry Nilsson, with the album 'Nilsson Schmilsson'.

He was voted No. 62 in Rolling Stone's 2015 list of "100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time", where he was described as "a pioneer of the L.A. studio sound, a crucial bridge between baroque psychedelic pop of the late 60s & the more singer songwriter era of the 70s.

Listen with us..

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