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House of Quirk don't just do hairdressing but why do we do Full album Thursday?

We began this quest to firstly celebrate albums that have been beautifully curated, with a heller load of blood, sweat, guts, and probably tears, and secondly to spread this appreciation across Northwich an beyond to all the ears and eyes out there that are wanting to listen, be educated, and possibly even be moved.

Things have changed, the way that music is consumed is so massively different to when we at the House were wee whipper snappers. Rushing to the radio and listening at the weekend to find out who the 'top 10' were that week in the charts, and who was the ultimare legend to have landed that number 1 spot. Cassette at the ready, recording the 'coolest' songs, and finger at the ready to press stop as soon as that radio DJ started talking over the end of the song.. Gawd that was annoying but all a part of the game! ..It was what we lived for.

Our full album Thursday is here in place of those retro moments and we are hoping that in some way, is there to fill that little gap. It's here to inform and pass on the knowledge of great artists that you guys might not know, or to introduce a great album to those of you who may have heard of the artist but have no knowledge of their material. Sometimes we can get stuck in that rut where we 'don't like new music', but its just that we either haven't explored past that one song that wasn't to our taste, or the total opposite, where you have no idea of anything outside of the charts. Maybe you haven't heard of some of these great dinosaurs that are either still stomping around, retired, or no longer amongst us.

So the next Thursday evening you have, If you find yourself free or cooking/cleaning/driving home, we encourage you to tune in to what we decide to blast you with, and join the education.


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