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We're entering 2023 boldly with this totally galatic paradise of colours!

This loyal Stalker loves to mix it up with her vivids every visit, and boi do we have so much fun creating each look with her!

We pre-lighten this head of hair maybe once maybe twice a year max, and we apply a vivid cocktail every 6weeks along with a maintenance haircut.

With most vivid work being a bespoke service, we make pricing this service easier to manage and upkeep by splitting it in to catagories.

🎨For simple applications we have three tiers depending on how many colours you desire and amount needed for your length & thickness of hair. These services can be carried out by Fledglings who are qualified in this catagory.

🎨For more technical applications, like colour melting and something more intricate / creative we have an additional three tiers of service, to accomodate the skill set, the application timing and the length & thickness of hair. These services can only be carried out by a seasoned Quirker.

This kind of look can only be looked after at home with the use of good aftercare and a cooler water temperature when cleansing. Although if this Stalker did want to top the vivid up at home herself, we would recommend overlaying the pink that we used, which would top the vibrancy of the pink up, and create a violet hue over the existing blue!

Quirker Responsible: This was a Hannah & Aimee combo!


Manic Panic Simple #2: £45

Cut & Finish: £41

To have a chat with a Quirker to see what your next hair adventure can lead you to, give us a call on 01606 330 879 or send us a message and book in for a free 15minute chit chat with a Quirker!

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