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We are currently on the hunt for gent's clipper cut's for our fledglings!

Style wise, this can vary from softer shadow fades to strong skin fades, so as long as we use the clippers on the back and sides, then you are suitable!

When For?

Tuesday 28th February (This Coming Tuesday!)

What Time?

We are ideally looking for more than one model, so timing is flexible. The earliest appointment is 9.30am, and the latest being 2pm.

How Much?

This model session is £5.

Tom, who is a fully qualified trainer will be around at all times and will be involved in the process. Please allow extra time due to this being a model session.

Over the next few weeks we shall be also needing short hair models for clipper work (think all variations of skin fades and shadow fades) which can be any masculine, feminine, androgynous, and gender neutral shape/style.

Interested? Get in touch!

Either ping us over a message for more details, or, give us a call on 01606 330 879.


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