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A quick look a the new crew

Quirk fans!

As anyone who has been to our salon will know, we have been in search of the right magicians of quirk for a while and........ the wait is over!

I bring you Edwin and Aimee.

Its a close knit gang in the ol' house and it's a very good and individual energy these cats bring so lets get to know them......


Favourite chocolate bar: Wispa

Worst injury: Broken wrist

Best dance move: The Beer Jig

Childhood nickname: Eddie

Worst food: Fish

Crisps or biscuits: Crisps


Favourite chocolate bar: Crunchie

Worst injury: Bite to the face

Best dance move: Leg twerk

Childhood nickname: Hitch

Worst food: Pickles

Crisps or biscuits: Crisps

Well I think I've got to the bottom of the heavy questions on everyones mind there. Come on in and ask them anything I've forgotten and feel free to book in with these guys through the app or give a call.

Quirk out.


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