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H A P P Y ⚫ E A S T E R

We've already started snaffling our eggs ..

(Well, we might have started this snaffling yesterday..)

But there is plenty more Easter fun to be had.

Who's having an Easter hunt around their house/garden today?

We would also like to let you all know that although the lockdown started before the cut off date for our Easter Egg collection for Helping Hands in Northwich had ended, in that short two week period we managed to collect 35 eggs!!

Wahoo - We couldn't have done this without you, so thank you!

All donations have been picked up and handed out the to local children of Northwich (and surrounding areas) who are either in care or are in safe housing.

If this break goes on for much longer, we think we'll all be sporting egg haircuts from where we have all given up and shaved the whole thing off! 😹 🐣

Let the Easter fun commence!

Send us in your pictures of your Easter fun.


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