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For those of you guys that are a part of the home schooling crew 📢

If you aren't already aware, starting this MONDAY (11th), the CBBC are providing daily 3hr long primary school education starting from 9am. This will be including BBC Live Lessons and BBC Bitesize Daily, as well as other educational programming.

For secondary school education, head over to BBC2, where there will be daily 2hr long sessions, which will also be covering the gcse curriculum. You will have to check the start time on this one as it's not clear if this also starts at 9am!

Bitesize Daily primary and secondary will also air every day on BBC Red Button as well as episodes being available on demand on BBC iPlayer.

There is online learning that can help you as parents to guide these guys through and give them work to do - school has most definitely changed since we all went so we can imagine this may be vital to some of you! :



Also - If you are enjoying your game of 'hot potatoe' (insert sarcasm) with sharing your laptop, if your child has a games console, did you know that they can access all of this on there too? Follow this link for how to do it and what games consoles allow:

And don't forget that smart tv's allow you to access the internet too.

Hopefully this is useful to you!

If anyone has any help or information they wish to add, please drop a comment below.

Good Luck Everyone 🤟


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