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Hello Everyone!

We have had a high volume of messages & emails following Boris Johnson’s rather unclear announcement on Sunday, over whether we are back and open for business. Sadly, we are not.

When he said that workers who cannot work from home should go to work, he should have worded that in a very different way. This only applies to the manufacturing and construction industries, or in business where staff can maintain social distancing of 2m, and can not work from home.

Our industry involves touching you wonderful people, up close and personally, which makes it impossible for us to adhere to the 2m social distancing rule, which means our little House still remains in lockdown.

We have had quite a few requests for home visits, unfortunately we are not able to do this for the same reasons that we are mentioning throughout this statement. We have over 1000 clients. Going from house to house even in a hazmat suit would undermine the sacrifices we are all making. Even our parents arent getting a home pruning!

We know, this is very frustrating for many of you to hear, and believe us when we say, we need to get back to work just as much as you want to get a pampering / have that de-weeding session!

But now is not the correct time.

To open now, firstly would not only be irresponsible as we are classed as being high risk but watching and speaking to salons who have been able to 'open' in other countries, it would be impossible for us to run this way safely and not to mention, the service.

We are lucky that our government have recognised us as an industry to be paid attention to and the NHBF are being heard. Safety is key here, and we are not able to be safe at this time. Not only this, but most of the guidelines they are having to follow are making it financially impossible for most to be able to run.

The guidance we have been given, states that we, as an industry, are unable to open until very earliest, July.

This has come from the National Hair and Beauty Federation and these guys are in constant talks with the government. This is for the safety of us all. It makes us feel sick to even write that month down, but we know it is for the greater good.

We miss you all hugely, and bigger still, we miss our wonderful team. This has been a really difficult time for us in more ways than one. We hope you are all still standing with us by the time we get to the new version of HQ in the coming months, when we can all have a laugh again and hear the chattering of House life once more.

We shall be keeping you updated when we get any hot goss, this will be from our trusty source, the NHBF only.

Keep Sane 💛

Tom & Rae x


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