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H Q ⚫ U P D A T E

Hello Quirk Stalkers!

We just wanted to give you all an update on all of the recent rumours that have been spreading around this week on social media and the good old trusty newspapers.. 😜

Things that are NOT true:

🖤 The 'Traffic Light System' stating that salons will be reopening within the next two weeks, in the bracket of the first wave of businesses to reopen.

🖤 That salons will not be reopening for at least 6months.

Things that ARE true:

💛 We miss our HQ community and Quirk family hugely.

🧡 We will reopen as soon as our government has deemed it is safe to do so, and we believe that is achievable.

This also includes:

💙 When there is clear safety guidelines in place for our industry, and we can follow these sensibly and appropriately.

💜 When sanitation products, disinfectant, and the correct PPE is back available, so that we would not be putting you, our wonderful clients, our super star staff, or ourselves at risk, further spreading this thing more.

Please don't stress, we want to get this right for all of us. We are closely monitoring the situation from the correct sources only, and will be keeping you updated when we feel there's some juicy news.

The National Hair Federation is talking with the government officials regularly to keep our industry afloat, but also keeping everybody safe.

We shall hopefully see you all soon.

Tom & Rae


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