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We know the latest news is very exciting, but please can we ask for your understanding and cooperation at this time.

We are currently swamped with messages and we will reply, but this may take a little while - we won't leave you out we promise.

If we could ask you to refrain from messaging us regarding anything appointment related unless this involves you not wanting to be contacted we would hugely appreciate this. This just helps us to keep on top of everything else.

We unfortunately cannot take any future bookings just now, please bear with us and be understanding of our situation.

The 12th of April is a positive bit of news for us with our industry potentially being able to reopen, but this has question marks and is not a confirmed reopening date.

Once this date has been reviewed (and hopefully confirmed) we will be contacting those of you who were booked in with us in those first 3 weeks of lockdown, to get booked in before our phone lines reopen to everyone else. (Dec 31st-Jan 23rd). These are the people who have had to wait the longest, and a lot of these poor souls were already cancelled from November.

We miss our HQ community & Quirk family hugely and we will reopen as soon as we can do.

Thankyou for reading 🙏

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Marie Mullans
Marie Mullans
Feb 22, 2021

Thanks for keeping us updated x

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