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Hello Quirk Stalkers,

Thankyou so much for trying to stay patient after yesterday's news.

We thought it would be quicker to put this post out now to help most of you get an quicker answer to our most popular questions.

We are waiting until the 12th of April has been confirmed before we get ahead of ourselves and book anyone in. Just as there were changes last time and we like to keep messyness and confusion to a minimum. To rebook you all takes a lot of man power, so to potentially be told it is changing, I think we would all have a little cry.

As soon as we have a clear view, we shall send out an email with the next steps & post on here, Instagram and on our website blog (under the category 'News').

If we do not have your correct email address or if you have changed phone number during this last lockdown, please contact us.

If you had an appointment booked with us between the 31st Dec - 23rd Jan you will be contacted prior to our reopening date to offer you a new appointment! Some nice bit of excitement for those of you on a blustery Tuesday! So no need to call/contact - we'll call you. This will not be until we have had confirmation of our reopening.

We have been super overwhelmed with the volume of messages over the course of yesterday. We want to thank you all for being just as excited to be able to support us once again, as we are about finally receiving a ray of light. We really appreciate you all & hope you have been keeping well.

Hopefully you will see us soon and you can tell us all about it!

If you can continue to help us by refraining from messaging us regarding booking appointments please, this would be a massive help to us as we scramble for our marbles.

The behind the scenes planning needs some work but we will be updating you of these as we get the information we need and have put our Quirk stamp on them.

For anything else fire us over a message and we will reply as soon as we can do.

Rae & Tom x


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