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Good Day Quirk Fans!

We want to address the big ole elephant in the corner of the room that is lingering by the coffee machine, the question of what happens to your appointment if the House has to potentially wade its way through a local lockdown.

We have been thinking long and hard about this, and the answer we keep coming back to is that there is simply no answer. Well, not a fair one anyway.

If it did come to a localised lockdown, and the House had to close, we are assuming that it would not be for as long as the previous one, potentially being only for 2weeks (ish), which doesn't justify us wiping the whole diary like last time.

If a mini closure was to happen, then it would be impossible for us to accommodate all the appointments that we would be forced to cancel. So unfortunately it will be luck of the draw.

We really appreciate all of you who are standing by us as we wrestle with all these tough desicions, but we hope it won't come to it.

Until then we will continue to keep you all safe, coiffured and keep those tunes pumpin'.



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