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Greetings, lovely Stalker’s of our HQ hair world!

Here we will be talking about the sacred ritual of cutting hair, those pesky tentacles we call split ends, how regularly we should get our tresses cut, and how to get the most from your Quirker at your hair cut appointment!

Why? Well, you see, our luscious locks are like a garden that needs pruning to bear all the fruits of our hair dreams!

What Split Ends Are:

Split ends are the villains that reside at the tips of our precious locks, waiting to wreak havoc on our luscious strands. They're like those guy’s who always seem to appear at the end of a long and exhausting party that wont go home..

You know what we’re talking about - those annoying hair strands that have lost their

minds, split in two, and won't behave no matter what we do.

Split ends spread faster than a wild fire roaming free, and can ruin all the hard work that we, and you, have put into growing / nurturing your hair. It is like having that bad apple in the fruit bowl that is now going to ruin all the other apples' lives..

How Split Ends Occur:

Split ends naturally occur when our hair's natural oils stop being able to reach the ends of our hair, leaving the tips dry and vulnerable.

Imagine your hair is like a garden hose, but instead of water flowing through it, it's a nutrient-rich cocktail of vitamins and oils. As your hair grows and gets exposed to heat, chemicals, and everyday wear and tear, the protective outer layer of your hair cuticle can become damaged.

Just like a garden hose with a hole in it, this damage can cause the cocktail of nutrients to leak out, leaving your hair dry, brittle, and prone to split ends.

So, if you want to keep your locks healthy and vibrant, make sure to nourish your hair with regular deep conditioning treatments, stay away from harsh chemicals, lay off the hard hitting habit off daily hot tool usage, and get those split ends trimmed off regularly.

So, let's not give these villains a chance to ruin our hair party.

With a little trim, we can chop off those split ends and behold, the garden of hair heaven will bloom even more beautifully than before. Your hair will be healthy, strong, and as fabulous as ever from the roots, all the way down to the tips!

So, dear Stalker’s, let us stop neglecting our hair and snip those split ends away for a glorious hair day!

Can a hair cut be avoided?

You know those pesky split ends that make our hair look like a hot mess? Well, let us tell you, cutting them off is always the best way to go.

But, if you're trying to avoid visiting us at the House, there are a few things you can do to try to prevent split ends from forming in the first place.

Step One:

Keep your hair healthy and happy with regular deep conditioning treatments. Ask your Quirker for the best suited one for you and your hair.

Step Two:

Avoid using harsh chemicals and lessen your use (or avoid all together if possible) heat styling tools. Always use a good heat protectant if you need to use them though!

Step Three:

Try to be gentle with your hair when detailing, brushing and styling, so you don't cause any unnecessary damage. We recommend using our favourite detangling brush - The Wet Brush, ask us about them if your interested in saving your tresses!

Step Four:

Use hair care products that are specifically designed to repair your hair, and protect your hair from further damage.

We recommend two ranges in particular if you don't already have damaged hair:

-Loreal Absolute Repair (protein)

-Davines Nou Nou (protein & moisture)

Both of these ranges come in a shampoo, conditioner & a mask for you to choose from. Ask your Quirker how regular you should be using your hair mask.

But let's be real, nothing beats a fresh, clean cut when it comes to split ends as, just like a broken nail, they can’t heal once they are split.

The Magical Powers of A Hair Cut:

Regular trims are like a spa day for our hair, it keeps our locks healthy, bouncy, and looking amazing!

Without regular haircuts, our tresses can get tangled up, and get dull throughout those mid-lengths, like a pair of old socks in the back of the drawer.. But with just a simple nip here, and a mini chop there, our hair can transform into a work of art, much like a sculpture of a Greek god/goddess!

A fresh cut is like hitting the refresh button on our hair, and the Quirker is our hair fairy godmother. They know what type of trim we need to maintain our healthy hair and to keep our style on point! So let us embrace the power of the hair cut and keep our hair game strong and mighty.

When To Know Its Been Too Long Between Hair Cuts:

When haircuts are left to grow out for too long, they can become out of shape and unruly. It's like a gardener who forgets to trim the hedges - eventually they grow wild and look unkempt.

Over time, our hair can lose its precision and become uneven, with some areas growing much faster than others, (yes, this does happen!). This can make it difficult to style, or mean it will not hold its shape for as long as usual, and can even become a source of frustration.

So, if you want to keep your hair looking sharp and fabulous, regular haircuts are a must. Not only do they help remove split ends and keep hair healthy, but they also help maintain the shape and style of your hair, so you look, and feel your best every day.

So take control of your hair, book that haircut, and keep those tresses looking tip top!

How Long To Go Between Hair Cut Visits:

How often you should get a haircut really depends on your hair type and your individual hair style. But fear not, we’re here to help.

Medium/Long Hair:

For most people, getting a trim every 6-8 weeks is a good rule of thumb.

This helps to maintain healthy hair growth by preventing split ends from traveling up the hair shaft and causing more damage.

However, if you're trying to grow out your hair, you can stretch that time frame a bit longer if your hair is in good condition, to between 8-12 weeks.

Your Quirker will guide you if you are growing a hair style out - This will require maintenance of a different kind, with different time scales based on your target length & shape, your starting point, and your hair texture & fullness level.

Just always keep in mind that trimming off those split ends is crucial to keeping your hair looking at its best.

Listen to your hair and if it's feeling dry, damaged, or resembling a bird's nest, it's probably time to book that hair appointment and give those lovely locks some well- deserved TLC.

Short/Medium Hair:

When it comes to short hair, things can get a little trickier and the time between haircuts can be a bit shorter than we have mentioned above.

If you have a pixie cut or a bob, for example, you might need to trim your hair every 4-6 weeks to maintain the shape and style. Short hair tends to grow out more quickly, which can lead to an uneven, unkempt look if left too long without a trim.

Why does shorter hair need more maintenance than those with longer hair?

Short hair can often appear to grow out more quickly or noticeably because the length of the hair is short, and the growth of each individual strand is more visible. When the hair is shorter, there is less weight to pull it down, so it tends to stand up, making the roots appear more noticeable too.

Another reason why short hair may appear to grow out more quickly is that it takes less time to reach the length where it starts to look unkempt. Unlike longer hair that can be styled in various ways to hide the growth, short haircuts tend to have a more defined length, so even a little growth can make a big difference in the overall look and shape of the cut.

Additionally, short haircuts are often designed with precise lines or angles, which can be lost when the hair grows past a certain length. Regular haircuts help to maintain the shape and style of the cut.

Hair Types:

However, it's important to note that hair growth varies from person to person, and even for the same person, growth rate can differ based on various factors such as genetics, age, and health.

Of course, this isn't a hard and fast rule and it also depends on the style and texture of your hair. If you have fine or thin hair, you may be able to stretch it out a bit longer between cuts, while coarser, or curlier hair may need more frequent maintenance.

Ultimately, the best way to figure out how often you should get a haircut is to talk to your Quirker. They can take a look at your hair, make recommendations based on your hair type, and help you determine a haircut schedule that works for you and your lifestyle.

When To Book A Trim Vs A Revamp:

If you have perused our services & price list, you will have spotted that we offer a cut & finish option, and a revamp option, we’re here to explain what the difference is so that you can book in for the service that best suits your needs, and allows us the time we need if you want a style overhaul!

Cut & Finish: The is a trim up service of your already existing style, to maintain any split ends that may have snook up on you, debunk any weight that may have built up since we saw you last, and keep on top of your style.

Revamp: A revamp is a change of hair cut. Whether this is a big chunk of length you’re changing, adding in some layers / changing the shape of your layers, adding face shape, or going for a drastic change, this is the service for you.

The reason that the revamp has its own service, and not lumped in with the cut & finish option, is to allow your Quirker more time. This extra time allows you, and your chosen Quirker to go through some style options, hash it out together, enables your Quirker to then action them, and then also teach you how you can recreate the style yourself at home.


Attention all fringe enthusiasts and undercut rockstars! If you're looking to keep your style fresh between trims, we've got you covered!

You don't have to wait until your next full cut to keep those bangs in check or your undercut looking slick. The House offers two quick and easy services to keep your look on point – the 'Fringe Binge' for only £5, and the 'Undercut Tidy' for just £15.

These beauty-filled services only take 10-15 minutes and will leave you feeling like a champ!

Just give us a call to book your appointment and let us work our magic. Trust us, your fringe and undercut will be thanking you for the extra TLC!

How To Get The Best From Your Hair Cut Appointment:

When we leave the salon, we feel like a lion on top of a mountain with a nice breeze running through its luscious fur, but then reality cam hit when we try to recreate this look ourselves.

Don't fret – this is a common complaint, even for us Quirker's when we get our hairs played with!

There's a few reasons why it can be tricky. Firstly, time is precious, and sometimes we just don't have enough of it to dedicate to a complicated hair routine. Secondly, we might not have the right technique - we don't all have the dexterity of an octopus, right?! Thirdly, let's face it, we might not have the right tools or products to make it happen. And finally, we just might not know how to use all of these goodies properly.

But fear not – communication is key! Talk to your Quirker about how much time you realistically have to style your hair, and let them know about your product and equipment arsenal, they do not judge so please don't be anxious about spilling all of those the beans, they need to know all the gory details in order to be able to give you

what you want/need. And lastly, when changing up your style, be prepared to invest in some new tools and products to make things easier for this very issue.

Remember that learning a new skill always takes practice, so please don't get discouraged if you don't nail it right off the bat. With some time, and a little patience, you'll be a hair guru in no time!

Hair Photo’s / Inspiration:

We love it when you guys bring stuff along to your appointment!

As a client, you can be the director of your very own hair movie.

Instead of just trying to describe in detail what you're after, you can whip out your phone and show us pics of hairstyles that you love, or more importantly, what you absolutely don't love! This not only gives your Quirker a better idea of what you're after, but it also saves you from translating technical hair jargon that we may be speaking to you in, which is most of the time, although we do try to speak in layman's terms, still may make not much sence to you!

Plus.. it's just really fun to browse through hairstyle inspo with you!

Your Quirker can give their professional opinion and offer suggestions on how to make the look work best for you. Think of them as your co-director, there to bring your vision to life.

Bringing in inspo pics can also help open up a dialogue between you and your Quirker about what's realistic for your hair type and lifestyle.

So don't be shy – show your Quirker what you're dreaming of, and let them work their magic to make it a reality!

Well, folks, we hope you enjoyed this helpful blog, and possibly had a lightbulb moment or two!

If our words of wisdom have got you itching to see your reflection and assess your luscious locks, fear not! You can book your next appointment with ease by clicking the link below and checking our online booking system for availability:

Let's get you looking your best and feeling even better!

HQ x


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