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We have some new arrivals at HQ, and we are rather excited about them!

Many of you may already know, that we have been searching for a professional hair vitamin that provides the goods, and is worthy of our shelves for quite some time. Those guys will also know, how important it is to us that we only stock products that we truly believe in…

Which is why we are welcoming GLOWWA Hair Food in to our little hair house! Yay!

So, who and what in the world is GLOWWA?

GLOWWA is a professional brand of hair vitamins. These vitamins are a high quality nutraceutical product that can be found only within hair salons & trichologist (hair doctor) clinic’s worldwide.

This is a product that’s new to the salon industry and has only been available to us as hairdressers for 2yrs.

There are two different products in this range - We have GLOWWA Hair Food ‘Original’ & ‘Meno’.

We will explain further down in the blog what the differences are so you can decide on which of these little pots of joy will suit you best!

We have set this blog up in a question & answer format, so feel free to skip and peruse at your leisure!

What Is Hair Food?

Hair Food is an inside-out approach to haircare. By treating the hair from the inside, we can physically change the rate & quality of hair growth naturally.

Our hair follicles are surrounded by a network of capillaries which supply the required nourishment they need. Hair Food feeds these hair follicles on a cellular level, with a combination of active ingredients which support, protect & improve the quality and condition of the hair & scalp.


Anyone looking to achieve longer, healthier hair, improved condition and shine! For the guys - as long as your hairless is not genetic then you too will benefit from taking HAIR FOOD, as lifestyle, stress, diet, and hormonal hair loss is what this product aids to balance out. Glowwa use ingredients that protect the hair follicles from DHT and balance the body out, which works across all genders.

Why Are Hair Vitamins Important?

The body does not prioritise hair. Instead, it prioritises all the vital organs nutritionally, to make sure that they get everything that they need to function properly first.

This means that the first place to be sacrificed when there is a limited supply of nutrition within our diet, is our hair, skin & scalp.

Without the correct nutrients, hair shafts can start to become thinner, the condition can become dry and brittle, the complexion can look dull and lack lustre, and to top it all off, can lead to hair loss.

The only way to support hair health effectively, is through supplementing with targeted vitamins & minerals.

Would A Healthy Diet Be Enough Without Supplementing?

Maybe, if you were a super human with a personal chef making sure you got all the goods needed in every single meal. In reality modern living and current food quality on the market does not allow it, because of this we should all be supplementing our diets for a healthy head thatch.

Hair loss, thinning hair, and poor quality hair growth is on the rise. This is due to modern living styles, combined with many of the below factors:

  • Reduced Food Quality

  • Stress

  • Digestive Problems

  • Poor Sleep

  • Poor Health

  • Hormonal Imbalances

All of these factors have drastically impacted lifestyles & the quality of health over the last 50yrs.


  • The nutritional value of an orange is declining. You would have to eat x8 oranges today, to get the same benefits from eating one orange 50yrs ago.

  • Adrenaline, which spikes our cortisol levels, is triggered by stress. Modern day life carries more stress than back in the day. When stressed, the body burns through nutrients way quicker, which effects the immune system, making the body more susceptible to illness, and can lead to hair loss.

Who Is Behind Glowwa?

Glowwa was founded by a nutritional therapist of 13yrs named Suzanne, who was looking for a hair supplement herself when she was experiencing stress related hair loss, and couldn't find anything that she was happy to use herself.

Every product that she looked at contained either toxic ingredients, bulking agents, or ingredients that weren't good for long term health.

This is where GLOWWA was born, and alongside a team of experts, including food scientists, she set out to create the most natural, results driven hair supplement currently available.

All Glowwa products are free from bulking agents, toxic ingredients, animal products, colourings, gluten, sugar and sweeteners. These products are vegan and are never tested on animals.

How Quickly Should We Expect To See Results?

Glowwa hair food should be taken daily for optimal benefits, with results showing in as little as 12weeks. This product has been created with wellness in mind, which means not only does it support the hair growth cycle, but also the journey to optimum health and wellbeing too.

Note: Glowwa hair growth needs maintaining. As it is a vitamin, once you stop taking it, the benefits will revert back to what your current/previous vitamin/hormone levels are/were.

Would Smoking Affect The Results Of Glowwa?

Potentially. Smoking can deplete our vitamin C levels out from the body. Each cigarette smoked, can deplete around 40mg of vitamin C. Result’s from Glowwa can still be very effective, but potentially not in the same volume, quality or speed compared to what is seen in non-smokers.

What Does Glowwa Hair Food Promise?

Hair Food ‘original’ are vitamins that provide daily nutritional support for longer, healthier hair growth, with improved condition & shine.

What Is In Hair Food?

This product contains a natural blend of hair specific ‘active’ ingredients which include:

  • Biotin

This trigger’s keratin production, and contains 400% of our ida. This produces faster, stronger hair growth & reduces breakage that is not caused by external factors. Too much biotin can hinder those with a thyroid condition - this is safe for those people.

  • B12

This supports our red blood cells & provides oxygen to the hair follicle to sustain healthy hair growth. A deficiency in this will cause poor hair growth.

  • ZINC

This strengthens the hair follicles, balances oil production, & supports the immune system which will aid hair loss. A deficiency in this will build up and cause hair shedding.

  • L-Lysine

This naturally blocks DHT production to protect & prevent future hair loss. This targets the hairline, and also helps aid bone health & calcium. Fun-Fact: Helps fights against coldsores weirdly! (DHT is explained below).

  • MSM (Methylsulphonymethane).

This lengthens the ‘anagen’ hair growth phase, pushes hairs in to this stage that aren't already, strengthens the disulphide bonds within each hair strand, and acts as an anti-inflammatory within the scalp. Fun-Fact: Helps with problematic hormonal acne & joint pain!

  • Niacin

This naturally dilates the capillaries on the scalp which allows the nutrients to feed the hair follicle.

  • B5 & B6

This vitamin combo helps to regulate oestrogen to maintain a healthy scalp & increase the overall hair shine.

  • Vitamin C

This is a vital vitamin for the absorbency of iron. Not getting enough of this vitamin leads to dry & brittle hair, and causes stress & illness as it is vital for the immune system. You will notice the hair will not get past a certain length. Vitamin C is hydrating and healing for the scalp.

What Are Active Ingredients And What Is The Difference?

An active ingredient, is any ingredient that provides biologically active or other direct effect in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, or to affect the structure or any function of the body of humans or animals. Cool eh!

What Is The ‘Meno’ Version And Who Is It For?

Hair Food ‘Meno’ is a menopause specific hair food supplement which has been expertly formulated to support not only your hair health, but also your wellbeing before, during and beyond the menopause. A few of these extra benefits include the following:

  • Regulating of hormonal activity

  • Support for heart & bone health

  • Cognitive function support

  • Combats tiredness & fatigue

  • Mood & energy boosting

  • Aids Hot Flashes

  • Better sleep quality

What are the differences between Hair food Original, and Meno?

They are mostly the same, but Meno has a higher content of B vitamins, and contains vitamin E, lycopene, myo-inositol, thiamine, and folic acid to support those going through the menopause. This brings added wellbeing benefits which help to ease symptoms of menopause related fatigue, hot flashes, cognitive function, mood fluctuations, quality of sleep and help with hormone regulation.

How Do You Take Glowwa Hair Food?

You simply take x2 of these vitamins daily, preferably in the morning with food to get the best out of your wellbeing benefits!

TIP: As long as it is a COLD drink, these capsules can be separated and emptied into a juice or smoothie, or even sprinkled on top of your yogurt!

Does HAIR FOOD Contain Any Gluten, Dairy, Wheat, Sugar, Grapefruit, Sweetener Or Artificial Flavourings/Colourings?

No, HAIR FOOD has been created with optimum health and wellbeing in mind and they do not use any of the above in these products.

Does HAIR FOOD Contain Any Allergens?

Nope, HAIR FOOD does not contain any allergens. However HAIR FOOD is manufactured in facilities that may contain trace elements of nuts, so please be aware of this.

What Is DHT & Why Is It Relevant To Hair Growth/Loss?

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is derived from the word testosterone. This is an androgen (hormone).

An androgen is a sex hormone that is present in both men & women, that contributes to the development of what are thought of as “male” sex characteristics when you go through puberty, such as body hair etc, but it can also make you lose your hair faster and earlier.

Women also experience this type of hair loss, but it’s much less common than what we see in men.

Male pattern balding, also called androgenic alopecia, is one of the most common reasons that men lose hair as they age.

Can I Use HAIR FOOD Whilst On Chemotherapy?

As always, we suggest that you consult with your consultant before adding any supplements into your routine. We do recommend waiting until after your therapy has ended before adding GLOWWA into your routine though.

Can I Use HAIR FOOD While Pregnant, Breast Feeding Or Taking Any Medications?

We suggest you always consult with your GP before adding any supplements into your routine. It is recommend waiting until after pregnancy and breastfeeding before adding GLOWWA into your routine - Bonus - Glowwa is great for post-partum hairloss!

& Last But Not Least… The Price!

How much are these puppies gonna set you back we hear you cry! Not as much as you would think given all of the work that has gone in to making these magical wonder pills!

Hair Food Original: £34.99

Hair Food Meno: £39.99

This gives you x60 capsules, which equals one months supply. So we guess the only question left to cover is…

.. When will you be starting your GLOWWA journey?!


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