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'In the hot seat' is back!

So today we are grilling HQ's very own home grown colour technician, Hannah!

Hannah has been with us now for almost 2years, and is on our 'fledgling programme' which is a full apprenticeship with us at the House. She has a mean twinkle in her eye for colour and is definitely one you want to stalk.

So.. Let the games begin!

Q.Hannah, would you rather have a side of sprouts with every meal for the rest of your life, or, wear oven gloves every time you go out to dinner?

A."Definitely the oven gloves, we'll bring them in to fashion".

Q.You're out at a world buffet... What you heading to first....

A."Okay its got to be thai. Its not my usual go to and sounds exquisite".

Q.You're at an exotic bug party, and HAVE to hold and pet either a tarantula, a snake, or a frog.

A."(Wince's) A frog. A frog, Alllll day!".

Q.Which animal do you think sums you up in terms of personality?

A."A dolphin. They're giddy, and excited all the time. Plus they're quite adventurous".

Q. What hobbies do you have?

A."Shopping! Have you heard the saying shop till you drop..?“

Q.What's the most 'cringe' experience you've ever had?

A."When I'm around Tom and Andy dancing." - Questioner: This was answered pretty fast.. Take what you will from that.

Q. Favourite ever meal?

A."Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread, and loads of parmasan! I LOVE cheese!".

Well, that's it from Hannah (for now!). If you have any cheese in your bag in your next colour appointment, just make sure to be very alert. She is rather partial to a babybel...


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