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What exactly is the difference and what is your Quirker babbling on about during your colour consultation?!

We know we can get a little excited during your colour consultation, and sometimes, as we are so used to talking and applying colour day to day, may use lingo that you, the client, may not fully understand what it is that we actually mean.. Sound familiar?

So, let us break this down! Hilights/Lowlights/Dusklights , What are they & what is the difference?

Hilights & dusk-lights, are a hair colouring technique that involve us colouring pieces of your hair darker, duskier or lighter than the rest of your hair, to add depth and dimension.

This technique can emulate the different tones that naturally occur in our hair, which means they’re perfect for breaking up a block colour, deepening a heavily hilighted head of hair that has maybe gotten a little too built up, or to create texture within our hair, in turn making the mega blondes among us, look more natural, brunette's appear brighter, or add vibrancy to red-heads, etcetera, etcetera!

The one key difference between highlights, lowlights/dusk-lights though is that highlights use a product to lighten the pieces of hair for brightness, while low-lights/dusk-lights take your colour down a couple of shades darker to add extra depth and dimension.

In many ways, highlights and dust-lights are very similar as the method we use to achieve them are the same. They’re both applied either in the traditional way using foils, or sometimes you may see us we paint these freehand.

Tip #1: Dusk-lights are also a really great way to test out a darker hue without committing to an all over darker hair colour.

Tip#2: If your hair is looking a bit flat, dusk-lights can also help you create some volume in a sort of hair colour optical illusion way, cool eh!?

So what should you ask for if you are wanting a natural looking hair colour that isn't your own?

As we naturally all have lighter and darker areas within our natural hair colour (look closely - none of us have just one colour in there!) by using a mixture of lighter and darker colours, these blend in and all work together to create a seamlessly natural hair colour.

We hope this has helped and given you that little more knowledge to understand a little more about the colour world and our hair language!

To enquire about how we could add a little twinkle, or a magical dusky hue to your hair, or just bring that little bit extra something to the hair party, why not come and see us for a little chat about it!

Call us on 01606 330 879 and ask for a consultation - These are completely free and take around 15minutes.


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