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It's a new year. Oh yes it is, we all know what that means, a whole feast of new shows and fantastic musicians for you to get your teeth into.

So let's get into it......


First off, those of you who have become used to our normal pattern of things will be thrown 'off' slightly as this show is not on the last Saturday of the month.. but is instead on Feb 17th. Is this because Tom and Andy are idiots and had a diary malfunction?......No comment.


As usual, we will be running a bring your own booze policy, so you can leave dry Jan in the dust and fill your glass.. Or just be healthy and have a juice, we don't judge, we are all there for the main thing.....The music.......


First up




Back again to warm your ears up, the terrors of Northwich, they are always around and ready to serve, like loyal soldiers.....or a lamp. They will give you nonsensical rambling and a real appreciation for all the music that comes after, so make sure you are down on time for the kickoff.


Next is....




With deep vocals, rich chords and punchy hooks, Emily’s piano-driven songs stitch together elements from folk, jazz and pop to create a distinct sound we just couldn't skip here at the house. Her music has been described as ‘A hybrid of Tori Amos and Florence + The Machine’, though she is also heavily influenced by art-pop artists such as Fiona Apple and Kate Bush. That all sounds good to us. This will be Emily's first time here at the HQ Collective so be sure to come down and take it in.


Want a sneak peak click HERE.


And to the finale...




Those of you who have been long time frequenters of the collective may remember Jon from our first your year way back in 2017. He is an amazing artist and a true study of his craft. An acoustic singer songwriter, Jon plays an eclectic mix of blues, soul and folk, mixed with fresh, original songwriting, and is making a name for himself around the North for his superb guitar playing and passionate vocal performances. This should not be missed.....who knows when he'll be back?


Want more?....Click HERE.





Help Musicians is the charity for this time and given what we do here, it's a fabulous choice. Creative people suffer greatly with mental health issues. This is the price for having a mind that is cut free from the confines of traditional thought, it can be a gift and a curse. The creatives of the world bring great joy to those around them and that is certainly worth protecting. If you would like more information please click HERE.



 It is £15 for a seated ticket (these go quick) and £13 for a standing ticket, which for a night of entertainment is a bargain if you ask us! Music in a hairdressers....priceless.

So grab a ticket and lets get this year off to a flying start.

See you there.


Tom, Rae & Andy






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