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Quirk Stalkers!

So, now we have an official reopened, we can now rock and roll. Something else you want to know? Lets dig in.

I've Not Been To You Before (Or Its Been A While!), Are You Taking On New Clients?

Unfortunately we will not be able to take on any newbies at first. This is because we have to be able to keep on top of our current clientele first, so we do apologise if you haven't been to us before.

If you have been to us before, but it's been over a year since we last saw you, we would sadly have to class along with the newbie category, we are sorry for this but we have to draw a line somewhere.

This is due to us having a high percentage of clients who usually require 6 week maintenance appointments, and us needing to prioritise and get them back on track to where they were.

We hope you can understand that we are trying to be fair to as many as we can, and we will be assessing our work load frequently.

Once we have managed to get to a manageable level, and feel we can offer appointments to all you curious newbies, and returning clients, we shall post an update on here and also on Instagram and our Facebook page, so if this is applicable to you, and you still want to come visit us (which we would love!) do keep checking back.

UPDATE: Edwin & Aimee are now taking on newbies & returning clients!

Will My Appointments I Made Pre Lockdown 3 Still Be There?

No, Unfortunately we wiped every appointment when we realised how long we would be closed. Any appointment you had booked in the future is im afraid no longer there. Sorry if this wasn't made clear enough when we contacted you but given the length of time it seemed the fairest thing to do.

Will It Be The Same Salon Experience As Before?

The salon isn't quite what it was before due to all the changes we have had to make in order to create a safe environment. We will however be working hard to keep that quirky feel, keep the laughs coming and provide the best salon soundtrack you've ever heard!

What Changes Have You Made?

We have put strict social distancing in place, to keep you and our team as safe as possible.

Changes you will notice are as follows

- A locked door policy

- Sanitisation station at entrance and throughout the salon

- Full sanitisation of all tools chairs, sections and basins after every appointment

- Empty sections will be left between each client to allow for 2m social distancing

- Partition screens between each backwash basin

- Strict sickness policy in place for staff or clients that have Covid 19 symptoms

- Appropriate face coverings will be worn by our team at all times

- Thorough cleaning of toilets after every use

- Disposable biodegradable gowns will be provided for clients as well as a disposable mask

- Masks will be worn by clients at all times

- More frequent cleaning of common touch points including card machine

- Cashless transactions

- Digital magazines will be provided that can be accessed through your own smart device

- Biodegradable disposable towels will be used

- We have now changed to an outdoor waiting area

Are You Accepting Walk-In Appointments?

Unfortunately we will still be operating with a locked door policy. This means we cannot let you in unless you have a pre-booked appointment. We will not be able to talk to you through the door as we will need to keep the reception area clear while helping us maintain appropriate social distancing. You can however continue to book your appointments through online booking and by calling the salon.

I'm Classed As Vulnerable/High Risk client. Will You Be Doing Home Visits?

We have never been able to offer home visits as part of our business model as we feel this isn't the true House of Quirk experience. Although times have changed and new situations emerge, we would still not be able to provide this service due to the health and safety issues that arise. We have gone to great lengths to provide a safe environment for people to visit and many of the measures in place would not be replicable in a home.

If you have concerns about your visit to the salon please call so that we can arrange our soonest 9am slot for you.

Will Your Toilet Be In Use?

Yes we will not make you cross your legs and cry silently. We will be cleaning the toilet after every use so you can be assured of a great trip.

What Happens If I Am Early/Late To My Appointment?

We are having to keep our diary in strict shape at the moment, we no longer have our cosy waiting area and have shifted to an outside area for you but this is not ideal (especially on a cold day) and being too early for your appointment can lead to gatherings of people outside that make social distancing problematic for people leaving the building.

Being late also has its problems as all our stylists can only see one person at a time and a full sanitisation must take place between appointments. Lateness can lead to other people waiting in the cold longer than they have to or if too late we may not be able to honour your appointment. So keep checking that ticker.

What Services Are Temporarily Suspended?

The below services are suspended for the time being...

Children under 12

new extensions

full head highlights

big colour changes

Manic panic

style bars/dry hair appointments and tutorials

Kerastraight appointments

fringe trims (as stand alone appointments)

blow drys

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and will be reviewing these things regularly.

What Do You Mean By Locked Door Policy?

At the moment we are unfortunately having to keep the door of the house locked. We don't like this at all as we are are an inclusive bunch, However, due to the limited capacity that we are allowed in the salon and social distancing, this is how it must be. We have all sorts of folks turning up, the general public, product sales, sales reps, delivery drivers. You can imagine how this could get out of hand when trying to control numbers. Hopefully not for too much longer though, we'll keep you informed.

Can I Bring A Bag With Me?

You can bring a handbag with you but we ask that you don't bring excess as we have nowhere to put your belongings at the moment. If you bring your full weekly shop we will be in trouble! Also Andy might eat your pies.

We cannot take peoples coats at the minute either so you may want to bring a carrier bag to put it in if you don't like the idea of it being on your lap or the floor, as at the moment we can take no responsibility for any colour or hair damage that occurs.

Can I Bring A Jacket With Me?

As stated above you are more than welcome to bring a jacket but we cannot be responsible for the safety of any items brought with you. We suggest you bring a carrier bag with you to keep your jacket safe from hair and colour. If you have any questions about this feel free to ring the salon before your visit.

Can I Still Buy Your Lovely Shampoos And Treats?

We wouldn't want to keep you away from the good stuff, as mentioned lots though we do have to control the amount of people in the building, With this in mind you can rather buy your product while in for your haircut or ring and purchase in advance and arrange a time to pick up. As ever we are available for product advice if you have any questions.

Can You Put My Name On A List For An Appointment?

Frustraitingly for you, sadly we can't take any names or lists down for an appointment, just as the damand is too high for us to be able to manage getting back to you all once we are able to get going. This really helps to keeps things manageable for us all at the time of reopening.

We really appreciate your support, as you can imagine, its rather stressful trying to manage such a demand.

Please note: If you fall under the new client / returning back after a gap bracket, please go to the relevant question for information.

I Had An Appointment Booked, Are You Offering Me A New One?

If you had an appointment between the 31st Dec - 23rd Jan:

We will be contacting those who were booked in with us in those first 3 weeks of lockdown, to get booked back in before our phone lines reopen. This is because these are the people who have had to wait the longest, plus, a lot of these poor souls were already cancelled and relocated from the November lockdown.

If you are unsure as to when or if you had an appointment within this catchment, please contact us via email and we will check the booking system for you.

If you had an appointment booked after the 23rd of January:

We are very sorry that we cannot honour any bookings that have been affected from the 23rd of January onwards. As you can imagine this is a very difficult situation for us to be in, but to honour every appointment isn't possible.

Not only this, but to call you all would be an unbelievable amount of calls from us, it's amazing that we have so many of you who support us, but it would involve over a thousand calls. This is simply not manageable. We hope you can understand this and stand by us still.

Are We Back To The Nice Waiting area yet?

Is every answer going to be a no? This one is, Its all back to that pesky social distancing so i'm afraid we are still keeping the waiting area outside for the time being. But;'s almost summer!

How Will I Be Able To Book An Appointment?

If you are already a pre existing client:

We will be reopening our phone lines and online booking the same time we reopen our doors.

This is on Tuesday April 13th.

Once we have reopened, you will be able to either book an appointment through our website using the online booking service, or you will be able to give us a call on 01606 330 879.

If you would like to book online rather than calling us - (this will be only available for cut & finish appointments and not colour work) then this will help you to get in quicker due to the high volume of calls, plus you will be helping out the Moth by giving his ears a little breathing space.

Sadly if you have not visited us at the House within the last year, we are having to class you in the new client bracket - please go to the relevant question for the information on this.

We will not be taking any bookings over email/messages/social media due to it being so inefficient and the huge number of people to get through.

Please be understanding of this as we try to keep things clean, controlled, and fair. We want to maintain a high level of professionalism, and this is the only way we can see us doing so.

If you are a new client to us:

Please go to the relevant question for the information on this.

I Had An Appointment Between The 31st Dec & 23rd Jan, When Will You Contact Me?

We have been spending time calling you and have got through most of this group. We will be back in on Friday April 9th to call the remaining stragglers. We are hoping at this point we get hold of everyone.

I Want A Big Change / Colour Change When I Book In, Is This Possible?

Obviously we know all of you will probably need extensive hair help! We are working on it. We will be figuring out how we can give you maximum impact, but in smaller doses.

We would love to see you all looking back to your coiffed selves, but before we book any revamps/overhauls/full on creative sessions/full head foils etc, we need to solely focus on getting you all looking fresh.

You know us, there's nothing we love more than a good makeover but with the high demand we will be facing , we think its only fair if we get everyone seen as quickly as possible. Once this has calmed down we can get down and sassy with a change or overhall. We hope you can forgive us!

Can I Bring My Kids Yet?

This is a suspended service and we know that this is not ideal for many of you. There are many of our under 12's that do need assistance during their visit with us which is not possible at this point due to us having to control the amount of bodies in the building. Unfortunately some of our under 12's that could attend alone may find this new experience rather stressful without a guardian, so to keep them guys safe and to help our stylists we are pausing this service to keep everything fair and manageable. We miss the patter of tiny feet and will tell you as soon as we can get the guys back in.

Can I Have A Blowdry?

Im afraid the guidelines have stated we must keep hairdryer times to a minimum, this is to stop the spread of Covid 19 particles around the room. We miss a good old curly blow and will be sure to keep you informed about when things change.

I've Been Vaccinated, Do I Still Have To Wear A Mask?

We are all still masked bandits until our guidelines change. This is due to the so far unknown large scale effectiveness of the vaccine and an unknown effect on how it changes the rate of spread. In short it is to continue to keep our team and you guys as safe as possible. We hate them as much as anybody so the second we know different we'll let you know.

Can I Eat in the salon?

I'm afraid not, It is still in the guidance that you can not consume food at the stations, sorry, we all love some grub don't we. For now though you'll have to fill that belly before you arrive.

Will You Offer Me A Drink?

Well, it's only polite. A while back they changed the guidance so we can serve your basic range of drinks, warm and cold. Only in a paper cup mind you but better than nothing. No flashy stuff either, you know it'll be back soon though.

Thats All For Now Folks!

We hope this has helped you get the answers you need for the time being, and if there is any further questions you have for us, feel free to email us and we will get back to you.

As always, thankyou for sticking by us and the team on this rather wacky ...erm ...adventure??!

Rae & Tom x


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