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HQ Stalkers!
Life is slowly trying to return to some version of normality, a hustle and bustle is in the air, people talking about spiced pumpkin lattes.. (have you tried ours yet?).

We, of course, must still be careful as we navigate out of this situation, so below find some of the things we need to keep up on and some of the things we will be changing as of today. MASKS We think everybody has had enough of these, muffling your words, hiding your lipstick, well unfortunately there is still a place for them in our current situation. We will however, be relaxing the use slightly. There will be certain times we will still require you to wear a mask and certain times you will not have to. You do not have to wear a mask when sat getting your hair done unless it falls in the below list.... You must wear a mask while... ✨In the waiting area ✨Moving through the salon ✨At the backwash ✨Your stylist works around the front of the face (fringe etc.). We continue to look at the data and make decisions we think reflect it (Oh god we sound like Boris) while trying to keep everyone feeling as comfortable and safe as possible. We must remember everyone is in a different situation to us, so this is our way of trying to reach a compromise that will hopefully please most people. The team at House of Quirk will continue to wear masks at all times. This is still an active pandemic and we have a duty of care to keep everyone who enters the House as safe as possible while trying to keep the spirit of House of Quirk alive. Of course this could be rolled back if things change, but for now this is how things stand. If you have any concerns, are vulnerable or just generally nervous, please let us know in advance and we will try to seat you so you are not beside anybody, though this may not always be possible. VACCINATIONS/BOOSTER JABS As the government start to roll out the boosters/vaccines, we must remind you everybody must be re-skintest after each jab. We will not be able to carry out a hair colour service if this skin test has not taken place after your booster/vaccine. You may have seen the BBC reporting recently about the number of reactions to hair colour. We understand more than anyone how frustrating re-skin testing is. It has caused us a lot of admin and a lot of lost income, but keeping people safe will continue to be our main priority.
When working with chemicals, you cannot play fast and loose with the rules. We hope no one takes any decision we have had to make personally as we respect everyone's time and understand how unfair it can seem from the other side. TREAT CARDS No tricks here! Only treats baby yeah.
The HQ treat card is back, wahoo! Save points by having services and buying home care and you will be able to use these points to acquire products or in salon treatments you have never seen/had before.
Anyone who had one of these before the chaos will still have all of your pre-existing treat points, so be sure to check with the M.O.T.H. to see what precious thing you can obtain! You get a treat card on your 3rd visit to the salon, so if you think you are due one, again harass the man with the mustache. Well, that's that. We once again remind everyone not to attend if you are awaiting the results of a PCR test.
We are glad everyone is enjoying return of the mugs, are you a mint cream fan? Or orange chocolate crisp? We have enjoyed the buzz in the salon recently, so thankyou to everyone for helping us stick to the rules, keep safe and have fun. Rock on! Tom, Rae and the HQ Team x


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