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It's time for another exciting House of Quirk update... Well, we're sure you saw it coming.

As you all will know, we have loosened our mask wearing policy over the last couple of months, but unfortunately, due to the latest announcements, it is now a legal requirement to wear a mask at all times in the salon.

We will continue to provide these for you to keep things as simple as possible.

This is obviously not welcome news to anyone, but we must do what we can to keep people safe and keep the business open, even if that means returning to the dreaded mask. The Daft Punk helmets pictured below could make the haircut difficult, but hey, we'll have a go if that's your vibe!

This new change is precautionary and we hope it won't last long, but as always, we will keep you up to date.

In the meantime, there is lots of festive fun going on in the salon, so let's keep our heads up and keep moving forward.


Regularly lateral flow testing.

Taking precautionary PCR tests when feeling unwell at any point.

Wearing masks.

Washing hands more frequently than normal.

Sanitising all tools, products chairs and client areas as always between each appointment.

Sanitising common touch points more frequently throughout the day.

Ventilating the House frequently.


Pop on a mask when you arrive for your appointment with us and for the duration of your visit.

Sanitise before being seated through to the salon.

Reschedule your appointment with us if you have symptoms or are awaiting pcr results. Reschedule your appointment with us if you have someone at home who is isolating due to covid 19 or the new varient.

We know that technically you can still be out and about, but this rule is to protect the team and to keep the HQ train chugging along due to it being a potential time bomb of unluckyness.

Respect social distancing for other team members and clients.

Come alone to your appointment where you can as we have a reduced space in our indoor waiting area.

We wish you health and joy as always, and thank you for your patience,

Tom, Rae & The HQ Team x


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