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Do we have your correct information?

As we are gearing up and preparing our systems ready for contacting you all with the golden news, we need to make sure that we reach as many of you as possible.

We need to ask of you to please make sure we have your email addresses, as the link we will be sending out is better suited in email form, as well as a mobile contact number, as we will need to send you all our new salon policy, the important reopening date and information of what do to moving forward.

We have noticed that we have landline numbers only for some of you, which sadly we are unable to send you anything through on, so if you can contact us with your mobile and email address that would help massively in terms of you getting our update.

We will NOT spam, nor will we be sharing any of your information with anyone, we take this very seriously - plus you can unsubscribe at any point if you wish to not have us email you after the update and new policy has hit your inbox.

We really appreciate your help on this, as its important we get in touch with you as easily as possible over the next few weeks/months.

Please do not post your information below, you can email us here:

Or send us a message through this page with your full name as we know you in our database! (Some of your facebook/instagram/email names are like a code!).


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