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This week we are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week!!

And what better way to celebrate, than to grill our young talent!!

So today, we are in the hot seat with Hannah & Tash..

Q: What Would You Say To Someone Who Is Considering A Hairdressing Apprenticeship?

Hannah: I’d say go for it! I’ve loved every single minute of it. However if you’re thinking about doing the apprenticeship as it’s something you think is easy it isn’t, I think it’s something you have to be interested in for you to enjoy it as it takes a lot of practice and determination but so much fun at the same time.

Tash: If you have a passion for hair its a great opportunity to gain experience in a working environment alongside one to one training and working towards achieving a qualification.

Q: Looking Back, Is Working In A Salon What You Thought It Would Be Like?

Hannah: Working in a salon is exactly what I thought it’d be like and so much better, you get to see different techniques and see real life situations you would be put under as a stylist. As well as this you get to experience the “ salon life” and learn from the stylists and training put in place.

Tash: I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest. You become a part of a team and it is a fun and sociable place to work where you can unleash your creative flare. You feel like you learn more and more every day from being within the salon, along side practical and theory training which is always made fun! I get excited to go to work because every day is different.

Q: What Are You Most Looking Forward To Learning Once The Salon Reopens?

Hannah: The thing I am most looking forward to when the salon reopens is using the different techniques from the foiling course I have just completed in my training. This means I am able to use a technique I have learnt on a client to see the results & final look it gives. I am also looking forward to getting back to training and improving my knowledge and skills.

Tash: To be honest I can’t wait get on the salon floor and do some practical learning, coloring and cutting again. I also hope I will be earn the responsibility to perform services on the salon floor soon too such as toners and styling.

Q: What Is Your Most Favourite/Valued Skill That You Have Learned So Far?

Hannah: My most valued skill I’ve learnt so far is talking to clients a lot more than I did when I first started my apprenticeship and watching my confidence grow, being in a salon environment has helped make this happen.

Tash: - I don’t think I can pick anything in particular as there is so much I feel I have learnt on the job and in training!

Q: What Are You Looking Forward To The Most After Lockdown?

Hannah: After lockdown I can’t wait to be back at work and doing things I love, seeing friends and family but also go on a huge shopping spree!! Xx

Tash: Continuing with my training in the salon and gradually work towards my EPA (end point assessment), seeing all the clients and the team back as normal (as it can be for now) and getting back into an everyday routine. Also when the weather get better and Im able to see family & friends again!

And that's a wrap!

Thankyou so much for choosing to be a part of our HQ family guys!


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